Senin, 01 November 2010

Kemang and Korean Market

Yesterday (Sunday) after back from church, my family and me (except Ma) spent our time together for a small family bonding on Kemang and Senopati (Korean Market).

My church is in West Jakarta and the places we were heading yesterday, are in South Jakarta. So, it took a pretty long time for us before we reached the place. Thank God, my little siblings weren't fussy as I thought they would be.

My Dad drove the car

Chelsea, my lil' sis, played a slight magic trick with those papers

Sergio, my lil' bro, just enjoyed his time with his friend, PSP

I was hearing songs from my cellphone and soon we arrived on Kemang, everybody were starving that time, so my Dad suggested us to eat at the nearest cafe, Teras Kafe. However, I instantly declined his decision since I wanted to discover more cafes there (Well, Kemang known as one of hang-out spot in Jakarta). 

Not such a good sight outside but actually it was cozy inside! :D

We saw Pizza Marzano besides Teras Kafe but we ended up at La Codefin. La Codefin was more like a food court where many restaurants and cafes gathered at one place. Again, we ate Hoka-Hoka Bento (Japanese Fast Food that we ate at Saturday night), although there were so many variety of foods.

Sneak peak of La Codefin, I like that place!

I found an outlet of pirated DVDs at La Codefin, tons of DVD inside!

Glad I got another Sour Sally Yoghurt outlet at La Codefin ;)

After that, we went to Senopati, Korean Market for exact. If you go to Senopati, you'll see at least one Korean shop every block. We visited Mu Gung Hwa Yutong (무궁화 유통). In Korean, Yutong means distributor, Mu Gung Hwa is the name of the shop means hibiscus flower. Anyway, Mu Gung Hwa sells original products from Korea, like foods, stationeries, books, etc. You could find a Hanguk Sikdang (한국 식당), it means Korean Restaurant, which I never try, but my Sonsaengnim (teacher) said that Kimbab there is awesome. Well, I had no curiousity at all ha ha ha :D I bought Chodeungukeo Sajeon (초등국어사전) and my Dad picked a few fruits and snacks.

One big plastic full of snacks, Chocolate Pie is my favorite!

Chodeungukeo Sajeon, it's a Korean dictionary similar to Cambridge cost 41$

Old sajeon (dictionary) that I borrow from Sonsaengnim

Done, it was around 4 p.m we were going back home. We reached home at 5 p.m, had a slight rest, and out for supper. I ate noodles whereas my Dad and lil' sis ate Padang cusine. After finished my meal, we left to DVD outlet and bought some movies (Step Up 3D which my Dad recommended, Aftershock which I was dying to watch, Street Dance for my lil' sis). 

Pirated Afterschok ;p

I ended my day with my Dad, watching Aftershock and chatting about China. How China this and how China that, my Dad just simply loves 'China' topic. Aftershock is a movie about earthquake in Tangshan, China. Good movie with a deep meaning but too bad, somehow I felt so bored in the middle till the end of movie.

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Alice Law mengatakan...

So, I can see you are quite engrossed into Korean culture and custom! Keep it up, it always nice to learn multilanguage!^-^

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