Senin, 08 November 2010

Wasting Time

Saturday night, I went to Puri Mal with my Dad, siblings, and Auntie (without Ma again). We decided to eat at Bakmi GM (Bakmi means noodles :D). When we arrived, holy moly, it was so crowded there!

So crowded!

Chelsea ordered foods for us ;D

Dad, Auntie, Sergio choosing from latest menu

Smile first, eat later? Oh, okay no problem :P

Honestly I really wanted to eat Bakmi (noodles), but due to my cholesterol, I prefer for healthier food to maintain my health. I chose nasi tim ayam (steamed rice with chicken meat) which pretty good for me.

Nasi tim with chicken meat tastes OK

We finished our supper then my Dad suddenly sent Sergio to game center with my Auntie as he picked me with Chelsea to an electronic store. I didn't know what he wanted to buy so I just followed him without any question since I enjoy my time to see new gadgets and electronics.

I found my favorite movie, Despicable Me, in one of TV display :D

What he wanted? A new PSP for my brother *slap forehead*

He purchased it anyway

During the games installation (which took a long long time), what I did?

Tried one of the massage machine for free :P

And watched an employee presenting his product

I went back to my Dad, they done with the games installment. My Dad told the employee to turn the PSP on when we recognized that the PSP was BROKEN (for exact, the memory card of the PSP). My jaw dropped shockingly. What? After a long hours of waiting, I couldn't accept this to be happened! But unfortunately, the employee said that it's the only PSP left there. Dad canceled the transaction and we went back home. All of us were very upset with such a waste of time at weekend ==" I told my Dad to not once again buy an electronic in the store that we barely know! Well, indeed, yes we used to buy electronics there, but not the game machines like Playstation, PSP, Nitendo which we usually purchase at ITC Manga Dua *sigh*

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