Kamis, 18 November 2010

Too Many Spare Times Make You Confused?

Yes, honestly! I always busy with my school. Ton of tasks usually fill my day. Of course, I will get confused if all of sudden I have nothing to do like now. Since today I still on holiday, so I'm trying to manage some activities to avoid boredom. Early in the morning, I was swimming, not too many people there made me happy ha ha ha. After that I was hoping around from blog to blog for quite a long time. Then, I decided to draw before lunch.

Can you guess who?:P

Well, what can I say? I tried to draw Juan-Juan, Auntie Alice's daughter, but I have no idea if my imitation looks success lol. I need more practice, at first I wanted to draw 3 faces, but I ended up with 1 drawing only. I ate lunch directly after finished it.

Fermented soybean or you called it 'tempe' here with rice

I just love to drink ice tea :D

Anyway, I bought another Korean series last night, titled My Girlfirend Is Gumiho. I'm not sure if I will watch it soon. My mind still going around drama that I watched yesterday, Mischievous Kiss

My GF Is Gumiho, starring Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah

I will have Korean language course tonight. Almost 1 years since the first time I attended private Korean language course. When I was in elementary, I studied Korean language by myself through books and drama. It occurred until last year my Dad found it out and he searched a private tutor for me. I planned to take a French language course for next year.

I have 5 textbooks, 3 dictionaries, and 1 vocabulary notebook to start the lesson :)

Passage for tonight 

Oh, I miss being like this recently! :P I don't know why I should miss things that I shouldn't miss right in my holiday time. *slap forehead*

Seems that I miss wearing my uniform and get tired after 8 hours in school, quite ridiculous :P

13 komentar:

eugene mengatakan...

Hey, this is uncle eugene here,came from auntie Yan's blog....just saying hi to you and wishing you a great weekend and study hard ya

Angie mengatakan...

Hi uncle eugene, thanks for visited my blog. I will hop to your blog soon :D
Thanks for the wish, I will study hard, have a nice weekend too for you :D

yvonne mengatakan...

Wah! Your drawing is so real and beautiful. I recognized the little girl as Juan Juan when I saw it initially. Bravo, Angie!!

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Angie, you are getting famous now. The portrait of Juan Juan is almost perfect. Thumbs up to you.
See, Uncle Eugene also dropped by your house now.

Yin Yue mengatakan...

Wow Angie, your drawing is really good. You're talented. I'm quite impressed with your work.

mNhL mengatakan...

Drop over from yan's blog.Before I read further, I already can recgonized the drawing. Oh my!! You drew so well......so real. Well done!!!

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yvonne,

Thanks Aunty, glad to know people recognize my drawing lol

Aunty Yan,

Waa hehe I'm happy to see people come by ^0^ But I still keep in my head that you're the first commenter in my blog that I won't forget hehe :D

Yin Yue Mummy,

Thank you Yin Yue Mummy, I need more and more practice, won't waste my talent lah haha :D


Hi Aunty, Thanks for visited my blog! I will hop to your blog and follow you ^0^ Thanks for the compliment too hehe ;D

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

you are really good at drawing. very nice portrait :) hey, i have never tried eating tempe with rice. i heard it's a healthy dish :)

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Barb,

Thank you Aunty for your compliment. I was searching for Ashley face portrait lately coz I want to draw her too hehe.. Yes, tempe is a healthy yet cheap dish! I really love it since I should watch on my food due to my high cholesterol. Have a nice weekend Aunty ^^

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Hi Angie... Just dropping by to say hello and to tell you that you blog very well for someone your age :)

Your sketch of Juan Juan is really nice! You are a very good artist :) Maybe one day you can draw Chloe too? Hehehe :p

Angie mengatakan...

Hi Aunty, thanks for visited my blog. I'll visit your blog and follow you soon ^0^ Thanks for your compliment too, I will happily draw Chloe if I have another spare time hehe :)

Alice Law mengatakan...

Angie darling~! That's very sweet of you, you are very talented! Even my little brother Ah Xuan was pointing at the portrait and kept calling, " jie jie"(sister)!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!^-^/

Have a jolly holiday my dear!

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Hi Angie, When I see the portrait, I instantly know it's Juan Juan. Good job. *clap clap*

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