Senin, 08 November 2010

PSP At Last

Sunday after went to church, we all visited Taman Anggrek Mal (minus Ma) to buy new PSP for my brother. I said to my Dad that maybe game stores in TAM provide a better quality of products since TAM is a big mal. Then, I was right, we came inside one of them (game store, I forgot the name) and I saw a lot of nice quality game machines on the showcase.

Our target :P

My Dad bought the latest version of PSP (Piano Black) cost above 300$ for Sergio. So our old lavender PSP officially given to Chelsea :D

Our old Lavender *don't see the Naruto sticker* PSP, she is 2 YO :P

Our new member!

Games list, I chose 4 for Chelsea

Thanks God, everything ran smoothly, no problem with the PSP and Uncle (the seller) was so kind to explained details that we didn't know. We walked to search for food when suddenly my Dad brought us to Honeymoon Dessert.

Honeymoon Dessert 

Surprisingly they really were sell desserts only :P

I ordered a red beans soup with vanilla sauce

As my Dad expected, it WAS delicious! Really, I mean, I never eat a delicious dessert like that before. He told me that they were a Thai dessert, but I wasn't sure. I thought they were a Chinese instead of Thai. Well, we finished with it, but my lil' bro and sis barely eat there, they were starving for foods (not dessert) ups :P My Dad bought them their favorite food, Bentos.

Playing with PSP as they waited for Bentos

I went to Gramedia bookstore with Chelsea after that, my Dad and Sergio waited for us inside the car (we were in hurry since Sergio had an English course). I bought 1 book, Chelsea chose a drawing pencil, then we were done! 

Another book for me about Neurology/Brain cost 33 thousand rupiah!

I can't believe how I love to discover about neurology and brain now ha ha ha :D They are interesting, at least for me!

3 komentar:

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Hi Angie, Thanks for your comments. I've never been to Taman Anggrek Mal before. Far from my place. You love to read huh..that's good. Keep it up. :)

Angie mengatakan...

Waw, thanks for your comment here!
Taman Anggrek is one of oldest mall in Jakarta actually, but it's big and has many shops and stores inside ^^
Yeah I love to read ;D

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

A red beans soup with vanilla sauce looked so special. I always like sweet dessert.

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