Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Bonding Time With Sonsaengnim

Phew, what a tiring noon today! I started my day with Physics course then I visited Gramedia Bookstore and purchased some school supplies.

Gramedia entrance

Bought 1 RIM A4, origami, refill ink for markers, and black solid carton 

Since I had an appointment with my Sonsaengnim (teacher) so I directly went to Patra Jasa tower to pick her.

Songsaengnim's office at Patra Jasa, Kuningan

 Traffic in Jakarta just simply drove me crazy

We headed to Mu Gung Hwa Yutong (무궁화 유통 - Korean distributor) at Senopati, South Jakarta. As soon as we got there, we ran into the 2nd Floor to do our shopping ha ha ha. There were a bookstore, stationery, accessories & merchandise shop, DVD rental, clothing store, pharmacy, and bakery in the 2nd Floor. 1st Floor was for supermarket plus small canteen. And as usual, all people there were Korean since Senopati is a place for Korean community . So, what I bought?

Hello Kitty spoon and chopsticks, made from stainless steel cost 8$ (I remembered Gwen when I saw this)

Set of Goong merchandise that I accidentally saw (and bought at last) cost 6$

Hello Kitty eraser cost 1$

Found a cute Korean statues at Mu Gung Hwa

Sonsaengnim didn't buy anything at all, she planned to buy a pair of shoes for her son but she canceled it (she forgot to take money from bank). When we finished there, she suggested us to go to Citraland Mall (CL) but I wanted to go to Taman Anggrek Mall (TAM) insted of CL. It took a pretty long time before we arrived at TAM. We both screamed Baegopha! Baegopha! Baegopha! (배고파 - Hungry) inside the car over and over again during the trip. So we 'strike' foodcourt in TAM directly after we arrived there.

TAM food-court. We ordered meatballs and rice.

Sonsaengnim took me to an accessories shop, Strawberry. Strawberry has a really girlish and cute interior plus they sell so many nice stuffs there. After that, we were spending much time to walked around TAM.

All pinks! The giant ribbon was shocking me thou lol

Bought 2 pencil-cases :)

Sonsaengnim treat me for a Choco Forest and doughnut at J.CO

We visited Mother&Care to admire baby clothes since Sonsaengnim is 7 months pregnant.

A really tiring day but fun. Sonsaengnim gave me Kimchi before I went home. That Kimchi cooked by Kim Hyang Gi Uhni (김향기 언니 - Sister Kim Hyang Gi). For next time bonding, we will go visit Kim Hyang Gi Uhni's house in Cikarang, can't wait for it ;)

6 komentar:

BB_hwiyee mengatakan...

nice to meet u here^^

Angie mengatakan...

Hi sist!^^ Nice to meet u too. I visited your blog yesterday but unfortunately I couldn't read Chinese fonts ^^"" but I saw your pictures, you are beautiful ;)

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Huh! Hello Kitty Eraser $1, wow! My girls will jump when seeing it. Good purchase, girl.

Angie mengatakan...

Korean stationery are cheap there loh hehe ^^

Alice Law mengatakan...

Wow, great outing with lot of shopping loots! You are actually help me to portrait how my girl's teenage will be, I'm imagining it now... lol! It should be fun and lively!^-^

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

You are such a pretty girl, Angie :)

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