Selasa, 16 November 2010

Idul Adha

Last day of school before long holiday start ;) I had 2 tests for Biology and Physics, I was pretty success with both two, I was so happy for it. By the way, today I brought a camera to my school since I had a task for Computer subject to make a website with photos that we provided by ourselves. I shot a few photos of my daily in school.

English literature that we learned today, titled A Stolen Party

Grace, refused to be shot but I still got her ;P

Grace shot me back, I gave her a smile :D


Front of my school

School tower, obstructed by a large tree =.="

Outdoor gym, we have another 2 inside and a swimming pool ;)

Another view

Anyway, I'm currently watching Korean mini series titled Mischievous Kiss starring Kim Hyun Jung (Boys Before Flowers) and Jung So Min (Bad Guy). They make a cute couple, I should admit that I'm pretty in love with them now :) I've been addicted to Minsun couple (Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun) for almost 2 years. Sounds crazy but I'm always liking something for a long time thou.

Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun couple, sweet, aren't they?

They both look sweet too ;)

Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni

Kim Hyun Jung as Bae Seung Jo

I'm on episode 5 out of 16 now, so far it's funny and entertaining. Glad that I will have a long weekend for Idul Adha, start tomorrow until next Monday, there will be so many spare times for me to watch it *evil laugh*. Happy Idul Adha for those who celebrate!

11 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

i want to watch that tooo ^^ but i think i got a cold and feel little fever now must take some rest hahaha

Alice Law mengatakan...

Wow... your literature is sure thick, quite tough too har?!O_o

I enjoy watching some of the Korean show 1st, my favourite pick is 'Gourmet'!

Hi, hopping by from My little Sprouts....can't remember linked from which blog actually, I'm a typical absent minded! LOL!

Angie mengatakan...

hiyaaa, bisa terdampar disini mak hahaha ;D what? you got a fever and cold ==" you should take care of your health, don't work too hard you know, just take a rest as well so you will be healthier! And don't eat carelessly, you should watch of what you eat. Please don't be sick okay, miss you :)

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Hi thank for visit my blog ^0^ in my school we learned literature based on level, I got highest level for 2 years in row but this year I got level 2 as well ==" Woa, I never watch Gourmet, but if it's good, I think I'll watch it hehe :D Hop to your blog now Aunty ^^

Alice Law mengatakan...

Wow, you must be very good with your study! Well done!:D

Don't watch 'Gourmet'... later you might hook on it, it's too addictive!!;p

Alice Law mengatakan...

Regarding my boy,little Brother... hehe, if you have any niece to recommend to him, I won't mind to short list her as his 'suitor'!;p

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

Hi Angie, so you are into Korean dramas huh? They are pretty addictive :) As for me, I'm into Hong Kong dramas ;) Have a great long weekend.

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Since Gourmet is a drama related to food, I have no doubt to try it (food will increase my addiction to it lol).. Aiyoh, I have no niece or little girl cousin unfortunately, the smallest one is 5 YO hahaha ;D

Ashley Mummy,

Hi aunty thanks for visit my blog ^0^ Besides Korean, I usually watch Taiwanese, I never try Hongkong lol if you have any recommendation for me? hahaha

Alice Law mengatakan...

Dear Angie,

Just stopping by to wish you a beautiful day!^-^

p/s: Thanks for visiting My Little Sprouts again!;)

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

I watched Boys Over Flowers too. I like Ju Ji Hoon in Gong (Princess Hours - Prince Shin). You watch that Korean Drama or not?

Angie mengatakan...

I watched Gung for a few times. I love JJH and YEH there hehe But I think Gung comic series are a lot better and romantic than the film. Unfortunately, the comic only publish 1 or 2 episodes per year, very very long time lah hahaha

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