Jumat, 05 November 2010

Tiring Day

I'm so tired now, but I don't know the reason why I still want to update my blog. Today is Friday, which should be a fun day, but for me it's a tiring one. I started my day with school as usual. And I visited Angelica's home for a purpose to learn Biology together but we ended up watching movie titled A Moment to Remember. There were Angelica, me, and Ilona. It was a pretty comfortable situation that suited for me since there were just there of us.

A slight look for Biology, currently we learn about hormones

A Korean movie with title in Japanese? Had no idea :S

Anyway, I once saw this movie, but I just didn't remember it was that boring ;( Ilona headed back home before we finished our movie. 

Ilona with her freaking heavy bag

Angel tried to take picture of me, no way, I kept moving around ;p

After Ilona gone, Angel and I tried once again to stick with our purpose to learn Biology, but a few minutes passed, we couldn't resist our mouths to have a slight chat (which eventually happened around 30 minutes ;p). However in fact that we are a close friend that no longer stay at a same class, everytime we meet each other, we always have something to talk to. Finally, I went home around 5.30 PM (Well, I should go, even I was dying to stay).

Tired faces, but precious rare moment for us

I spent rest of my day at Mathematics course. Now my whole body screaming, lack of energy, begging me to sleep, I'm just tired now. Good night and happy weekend!

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