Sabtu, 27 November 2010

New Haircut

Hi, guys! Last Saturday I did my outing alone. Yeah, alone. Remember, no Daddy! But he'll be back this afternoon from Surabaya. Anyway, I rushed into the nearest mal with my driver right after I finished my Physics course. What did I do? Of course, watching movie :) I watched Unstoppable. Unstoppable was about..., train. Yes, train movie. I never watch a train movie (exception for Thomas and Friends lol). Even it was about train, which sounds uncool, but believe me, I love that movie!

Starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine (so handsome la!)

I'm used to go out alone when Dad isn't around :)

Went to a mini-market to buy snacks 

Just for once, I bought this junk-food, Tortilla and Sprite

Well, now I'm waiting for Dad arrival. We'll pick him up in the airport soon. Today is his birthday! :D We  already prepared him a surprise party (will tell about it later). Oh, last, I got a new haircut. I'm not sure whether it looks yay or nay. I thought my hair looks bit weird (and extreme).

No comment :S

4 komentar:

Small Kucing mengatakan...

cant really see lah...too near

btw Happy Birthday to your dad.

Angie mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Angie mengatakan...


Can't really see who leh? Chris pine :P

Oh thank you ^_^

Alice Law mengatakan...

Welcome back to your daddy!

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