Minggu, 14 November 2010

Thank You Daddy

Today my Ma joined us to church after a few weeks she goes by herself. Our church finished at 12.30 PM, we directly searched for food and ended up at Soto Kudus Restaurant.

Soto Kudus Kencana

My order :D Soto Kudus mixed with rice, delicious!

Additional foods

After done with our foods, Ma chose to go back home whereas the rest of us went to the Mal. Well, as usual, it's Ma, she always acts like that. My Dad honestly told that he didn't want to complain much since he tried to understand her, but sometime I just feel so pity for him, he takes care of us (kids) most of time, too often for him to understand my Ma. And weekend suppose to be family outing time but Ma usually doesn't want to join us. I know Ma isn't fit to be a mother, it's just not her calls (she tells this often to us). She honestly told me once that when she was young, she didn't plan to has children, she wanted to be a model or business woman. It's a long story she has 3 of us now. As all of her kids grown up, no one really have a close relationship with her. But I believe she loves me, I'm her child after all, she has no reason not to love me right!? :)

Well, move on with my story ;D Soon after we arrived at Mall, we headed to Starbucks (Thanks to Auntie Carenina who gave us a free Starbucks beverage vouchers).

View of cozy Starbucks

Frappucino Java Chips with cream was a heaven ;)

Chocolate croissant for Sergio from Auntie Carenina

Auntie Carenina is GF of my Dad's friend, she's nice ;)

Enjoying my Frappe :D

Sergio took a sips from mine :)

Chelsea chose yogurt instead of beverage

Then we walked to cinema to watch movie. We picked up a 3D movie titled Megamind. It was a great movie, hilarious like mostly of 3D movies, a bit boring but overall still good. 

Heroes genre movie ;)

Cinema always crowded on Sunday

The movie finished around 5 PM. Since I asked Dad to buy a new DVD player, he granted my wish :P We went to electronic store.

Tons of DVD players

Actually, I asked him for a new LCD TV too, but he said that he will buy it for me later after he finished with my bedroom renovation (He planned to renovate my bedroom, he told me to replace old furniture with new ones, and he recommended me to put cute wallpaper in my bedroom, *sigh* he always acts sweet and caring, I never ask him for bedroom renovation ha ha ha. He's a rare type of Dad :P). After he purchased DVD player for me, we went back home. Fun Sunday, love my Dad more and more for his kindness to us. Thank you Daddy. I don't know what to do without you.

5 komentar:

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

How your find the movie? I am looking fowards to Rapunzel from Disney.

Angie mengatakan...

It's in the cinema Aunty Yan :D
Rapunzel, I think we still wait for it, not yet show in the cinema ==' I want to watch it too...

Yin Yue mengatakan...

Angie, I'm sure your ah Ma loves you always. And your dad, wow, superb dad. So nice to you. You're lucky. =)

Alice Law mengatakan...

LOL, I can see everyone is waiting for 'Tangled', a Disney latest CG!

You have a very caring and loving dad! Oh yes, eventhough your ma didn't usually join your outing, I'm certain that she loves you... perhaps she is not good at expressing herself to you all!:)

Cheer up and have a nice day!

Angie mengatakan...

Yin Yue Mummy and Aunty Alice,

Yeah I'm sure she loves us ;) I won't be here if she doesn't love me right hahaa.. Thanks for visit yah ;) Have nice day for u both!

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