Jumat, 19 November 2010

Always Make A List When You Busy!

Yep, that's what I do everytime I have an insane schedule. I think tomorrow will be a busy day more than I thought. But, I feel happy about it since I've been unoccupied these days, so my body is totally ready to be back on track!

  • 7 AM - 7.30 AM: Swimming
  • 8 AM - 11 AM: Korean language course (suppose to be this night, but I re-schedule it)
  • 11 AM: Go to XX1 Studio and buy Harry Potter 7 (2D) tickets for night outing
  • 11.30 AM: Pick my friend, Michelle, to go facial together
  • 1 PM: Facial appointment with Ah Yi Liana
  • 4 PM: Bring Michelle back home
  • 7PM: Saturday outing

I should have a Korean language course tonight, but I re-schedule it cause Dad brought me and my siblings to try our luck for Harry Potter 7. Unfortunately, all tickets were SOLD OUT as I guessed before. So we'll watch it tomorrow night.

Harry Potter 7 Part 1, also available in 2D

Rapunzel, I really want to watch it! But still coming soon *sigh*

Before going back home, we ate supper in Gokana Ramen and Teppan (I have no idea why my Dad and siblings love Japanese foods so much). 


Dad and the restaurant view, pretty crowded!

I really love sour things, I drunk lemon juice!

Ordered chicken set

As usual, Sour Sally Yogurt for dessert

Original flavor, peach and mochi toppings :D 

Well, busy day waiting for me tomorrow, wish me luck! Have a nice weekend, guys :)

I want to welcome baby Audrey Kurniawan. I got text message this morning that my Auntie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last month. Sigh, I was late but it's okay!

5 komentar:

yvonne mengatakan...

Japanese food? My favourite, too! High5 to your dad! I think my dad would not try anything else than Chinese food, hahaha!

Your Sour Sally Yogurt looks very promising with those toppings. Yummy~ I never try something like that before.

Enjoy your movie this weekend and btw, baby Audrey is really a cutie pie *smooch*

Yin Yue mengatakan...

I love Japanese food too. Hahaha.. Enjoy your busy weekend Angie. ;)

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

I also want to watch Rapunzel. I will definitely find time to watch with April and May.

Alice Law mengatakan...

Hehe... too bad you dodn't flavour the delicate and delicious japanese cuisine! Like Yvonne, I'm one of your father's 'clan' too, a big fan of Japanese food!

Your yogurt ice cream looks delicious, we have tutty fruity here, not bad but a bit too expensive!:p

Going for Tangled a week after, chat about it after that ok!;)

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yvonne,

OMG many people love japanese foods hahaha I like it too but I prefer for western food :P Sour sally is a really good taste yogurt, you should try it if you come to Jakarta ^0^
Yeah, Audrey is so cute!! I haven't see her directly yet, sigh

Yin Yue Mummy,

Hahaha many people love Japanese foods though!>< I enjoyed my busy weekend and glad to heard that you did same like me ;D

Aunty Yan,

Yes definately should watch it! I love the trailer, I'm sure it'll be a good movie!! Looking for it so much!

Aunty Alice,

One more clan hahaha Japanese food have so many fans lol yes the yogurt is really good. We also have tutty fruity here, Jakarta has so many yogurt outlets, yogurt is healthier than ice cream right haha so it's good!

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