Rabu, 17 November 2010

Shopping Time

Due to public holiday  today (Idul Adha), so me and my family decided to go shopping in ITC Mangga Dua. Well, why we chose that place? Easy answer, cheap! And fortunate for us, no traffic jam. We brought 2 cars since there were 9 of us (5 for my family, Ah Yi, Auntie, my Dad's friend named Dyan with Auntie Carenina his girlfriend). I barely know about Ah Yi, she is one of Ma's relation, Ah Yi came from Singapore but she said that she likes Jakarta more so she planned to lives here for a long period.

No traffic jam, yipee :D

Unexpectedly, found my lost textbook inside the car, phew!

Soon after we arrived there, I hurriedly dragged my parents to a Glasses Shop, I desperately needed a new glasses. I wear my old glasses for almost 5 years until now, so you can guess what happened to that poor glasses. 

Lot of choices were confusing me!

Ma tried for a few glasses after we finished with my glasses

Auntie Carenina was the one who recommended the shop to us :)

Auntie, Ma, and Ah Yi were hearing the seller explanation seriously ;P 

My skin seems darker lol, I hope it's just because the angle *pray*

Brought 2 glasses like Dad suggested, cost 120$ for both :D

When we finished with glasses, Ma and Ah Yi left for shopping, Auntie Carenina accompanied me for lunch, while the rest were staying at Game Center with my siblings. I enjoyed my time with Auntie Carenina since we have a same hobby alias watching drama he he he.

Lunch with fried chicken plus hot rice and sweet ice tea :D

Yummy dessert, Durian Ice Cream

They were picking PSP games, again *slap forehead*

Since we were waiting for Ma and Ah Yi (who was shopping for a long long time), we just spread and walked around by ourselves. I was with my Dad and siblings. We bought a Magic Marker for me and Chelsea, Dad himself purchased a suitcase since he does lot of traveling.

Magic Marker cost 6$

Dad's suitcase

Accidentally found a cute doggy, I forgot the name =="

We ordered a sweet corn too :D

We went back home around 6 PM. Glad we did, I wanted to continue watch Mischievous Kiss he he he (I'm on episode 10, so 6 episodes remaining). I still have a long weekend to finish it anyway. Finally I have a lot of spare time, I was so relief when I knew my school gave us 3 days break for Idul Adha :)

4 komentar:

Alice Law mengatakan...

Wah~! Your Ma so young and pretty, I thought she was you initially!@_@

I'm drooling for the durian ice cream now, and the sweet corn... looks a bit different from ours here, what's that shredded yellow thingy inside, looks interesting!

Wow, you are learning Korean, that's very good! All the best!

Have a wonderful day!
p/s: what a fun family outing with lots of shopping loot today!^-^

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

You learned Korean, must be because of Gu Jun Pyo, hahah! Just kidding. Me too drooling for the durian ice cream.

yvonne mengatakan...

Hi Angie! Hop from Sheoh Yan's blog!

Agree with Alice that your mom is pretty, initially thought she's your elder sister :)

I like durian dessert too... actually love everything with durian. It's one of my favourite food despite its odour, hahaha!

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

She's not longer young leh, already 40 YO lol
That was a cheese inside the sweet corn, look different? I wonder how it is in your country ;D Yes I learn Korean for almost 1 year now ^^ Wish you the best too, have a nice day ;D

Aunty Yan,

Hi Aunty, how are you doing? How's April and May? Miss them, hope you'll update your blog soon hehe I started to learn Korea before I love Goo Jun Pyo lah hehe ^^ Have a nice day :D

Aunty Yvonne,

Thanks Aunty for visited me here ^0^ People always say that she suits become my elder sister lol I love durian too (it's hard to stop once you eat durian haha) Have a nice day Aunty ^^

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