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School With IB Accreditation

Since I've been accepted in Tunas Muda International School (TMIS) and my Dad finally payed for it last week, I think I want to discuss about International Baccalaureate (IB) program. It's important for me to find a school with good quality, not just in curriculum but for all aspects. I'll enter senior high school next year, my parents let me choose wherever I want to enroll, I made my last decision that I wanted international school with IB accreditation, there are only 33 schools authorized by IB in Indonesia. Why I chose IB instead other program? Once I thought, I should make a right decision for my life, what and who I want to be. I noticed that schools nowadays only concern with academic intelligent. Even thou I'm dong fine with my academic, I'm not a type of child who want to be sculpting inside the class for 8 hours just to listen the teacher and ordered to do lot of things. IB offers a holistic education with purpose to make a child become true human-being, not just academically but also in heart and characteristic. In IB school, student with good intelligent can't graduate without enough CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) credits. I often think about my goals for my adult life, I want to be a person who know how to make her intelligent useful for others, so IB program suits me.

IB headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. There are 3,083 IB World Schools in 139 countries

Last October my Ma bought 2 enrollment forms from 2 IB schools in Jakarta. Sekolah Pelita Harapan and Tunas Muda International School.

SPH enrollment form

This one was from TMIS

With all considerations that I thought, I chose TMIS. TMIS is near from my home whereas SPH quite far away. Even both schools are in the same IB oragnization but SPH is lot expensive than TMIS. Annual tuition fee in SPH is 12.200$ while TMIS charges 6.500$ per year. Enrollment fee in SPH is 8.250$ and TMIS is $4.500. IB schools rather expensive than others thou, but my Dad said it's better for me to enter IB school since all of my cousins are IB students so he knew IB program well. 

TMIS article in Indonesian Newspaper (Kompas) that I found today

Another IB schools in Jakarta are Jakarta International School, British International School, Bina Nusantara International School, Sinarmas World Academy, Gandhi Memorial International School, Global Jaya International School, Stella Maris School, etc. They are far away from my home :)

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yvonne mengatakan...

It's ideal to choose wisely for your academic, let it be all well-rounded :) Your parents trust you with your decision because you know the best which suits you.
I'm here to support you all the way to TMIS :)

Alice Law mengatakan...

Although I didn't know you for too long, but I assure that you are an intelligent girl! You know what you want and the best for yourself, then you determine to realize your dream, keep it up! You shall be a 'somebody' one day, I'm looking forward to it too!^-^

All the best for your new undertaking! Good luck!

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

By the looks of it, this is a good school. You made the right decision. Study hard ya. ^_^

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yvonne,

Yes, I'm so glad they let me choose. I won't disappoint them for trusting me ;) I feel, for now I can't give back for everything that they did in my life so I work hard for my academic to satisfy them thou hehe Thanks for you support ^0^

Aunty Alice,

Thanks you Aunty for your compliment and wish ^_^ I consider that I should start to think about what the best for me since I'm no longer a kid. I hope I will be 'somebody' someday haha

Mummy Gwen,

Thanks for visited me here ;D Yeah they are a good school based on my opinion hehe of course I will study hard ^_^ I can't let my parents down because of it hehe..

Alice Law mengatakan...

Hi Angie darling,

Stopping by again before the weekend to wish you a wonderful holiday! I'm fine, thank you for your warm wishes... hehe, I won't mind to be your fun Ma next life!;p

Keep well and take care!

Anonim mengatakan...

Hi Angie,
I was bumped into your blog accidentally (I was looking for TM tuition fee, ha3x)
Love your writings. Your blog might only about day to day routine but it's really honest.

Btw, could you please tell me where were you going for your pre-school, Kindergarten and Primary School? My house is pretty close to SDH Daan Mogot, so I assumed that you're living nearby.
I'm looking a school for my daughter and I'm humbly accepting all inputs and suggestions. TIA.

Anonim mengatakan...

hi angie
thanks for this article.im looking for schools for my children and bumped into your blog. thanks and keep on posting.

Anonim mengatakan...


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