Kamis, 25 November 2010

My Babies

When I was in elementary, I always slept past midnight (everyday), I wouldn't sleep unless I had finished my ' lil business', i.e watching ton of dramas and movies inside my bedroom. Since I owned my private bedroom, I became overwhelmed about my 'sleeping schedule', my parents thought I was sleeping peacefully when I watched until dawn time. I never yawn or whine in the morning when it was time for me to go to school, so they never expected what I 'did' inside bedroom for whole night. I got through this problem already since now I'm mature enough and know what I suppose to do at night, i.e sleeping and saving my energy. One of my way to cope with this problem was, I packed all of my DVDs inside a carton and hid it somewhere inside my bedroom (in a narrow space between bookshelf, wall, and TV table) so I wouldn't be tempted to take any of it. It worked. My time for watching reduced pretty much (even I still love it :P). The only possible time for me to watch was at Saturday night in the cinema.

However, yesterday I suddenly remembered about my poor babies inside the carton. I unpacked the carton last night and found it was a very satisfying view for me in past few weeks. To saw my babies again after a long long time neglecting them.

Half of it :) My Dad bought me all of these original DVD and VCD

DVD rental business sounds good for me :P

Some of them were still brand new, I never open it since the day I packed them inside the carton. 

I spent my savings for original Boys Before Flowers, sigh :S

Since I had nothing to do yesterday night, so I gave up and chose 2 movies randomly. I watched it until 12 at midnight *slap forehead 5x*

Good one la even it's an old movie (2004)! :D

Frankie and Johnny ,extremely old, movie from 1991 *shriek*

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yvonne mengatakan...

Hahaha! Watching tv inside your room till wee hours. I never got that chance before because I shared the room with my sister and didn't have tv in it. I just got to read comic books until I dozed off. I wonder how do you feel about putting a set of tv in bedroom? Is it a good idea or vice versa?

13 going 30! That's one of my favourite Jennifer Garner film. She looks so gorgeous in the movie. And it's true that being an adult is much more complicated than being a teenager...

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

You are great in controlling the urge on watching dramas every night, instead you watch only weekend. Good for you. By the way, did you watch the Princess Hours? Princess Hours is my most favourite Korean drama.

Yin Yue mengatakan...

Good that you can control yourself, well done Angie. Keep it up ya. :)

Small Kucing mengatakan...

wow...so many...i saw be4 the 13 going 30. Nice show

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

wow, you are a movie queen then :D watching movies is better than going out :P it's great to know that at such a young age, you can think so maturely :)

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yvonne,

Hahaha I like to read book until wee time too lol my 2 fave activities, reading and watching :P I have ton of comics inside my bookshelf, I think I'll discuss it in my blog later :D Well, you want to put TV inside your kids room or who? In my family everyone got 1 TV on each bedroom. Er I think it's good or not, depend on person la haha

Yes! I love that one too...The story was unique haha.. ^0^

Aunty Yan,

Yeah I should you know. Can't spoiled myself too much. I wanted to discipline my life since I was young. Princess hours! I love it too. I watched PH few times but never bored with it! Love YEH and Ju Ji Hoon. <3

Yin Yue Mummy,

Yes, thanks God I'm over with my sleeping schedule problem ;D I'll keep it up, definitely :D


Most of western dramas are good ;D Love them! 13 going 30 is a nice movie too.

Aunty Barb,

Don't really like hang out here. I'm a housey-girl, how do you call that hahaha..Yes obviously a movie queen la haha.. Should think mature, don't want to harm my own life. So without parents warning, I should know by myself, which one is good or bad for me..

Alice Law mengatakan...

Wow.... you used to be an atypical movie maniac! *Salute!

I seldom watch TV. However, once I get intrigued by a particular series, I can be really crazy for it(my eyes would refuse to shut as long as I haven't finish all the episodes that available), lol! ^-^

Have a wonderful weekend!

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

I seldom to watch TV but I often watch movies hahaha well you're pretty same like me! It's hard to get over with movies/dramas that I like, usually I will watch it again and again lol Have nice weekend for yaaa too ^_^

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

I love 13 Going On 30 too... can watch it again and again and again without feeling bored haha.

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