Sabtu, 19 November 2011

I Will Never Be Able To Do So

Life has been changing, so tremendously much. Moving to a new school, adapting towards new environment, coping with new friends, and so on. Now that I'm a high school student, I found nothing really special for being a high-school-er, at least for now just run a life as it is. Hey, my fingers can't be used to count how long I've been neglecting this poor blog. I miss sharing with all of my beloved Aunties and friends here, I truly am. But sometimes, I'm not strong enough to conquer my damn laziness. 
To write and express what my current feeling is one of the most important parts in my life. I will never be able to leave this activity. Even though, I didn't make it in this blog, I always managed to at least spit some words elsewhere. Because I needed this so badly, I needed a place to pour my thoughts. A place where I could freely express myself without being negatively commented. Being a teenager with bunch of nonsense hormones is such a tough time to be bear ha ha ha...
Man, I actually bring countless stories to share here. Don't really know how to start. World has been a pretty hectic place these past months for both me and my family. My parents purchased a new house,  we're moving within a year of time, I got my room renovated, Daddy bought me a Mac (yes,  my dream Apple), my baby sister is entering junior high, not to mention new school and new people, have any idea how my life is turning upside down just in a few short months, so being a high-school-er  isn't that important with all of these things as the comparison? It's like riding one of Six-Flags  extreme roller-coasters. Never, in my life..., I have too many moments happening altogether like now.

 My new school corridors, taken during International Day

In front of my classroom, recognize a Russian flag? ;)

With Fiona and Jessie!

15-inches MacBook Pro

My new bookshelf, better home for my beloved books :') *sobs*

My bedroom wallpaper, Grandpa Pooh ;D


Drawing again!

Drawing again and again!

I really draw when I have nothing to do...

Nice weekend to you all! Kisses and hugs :)

Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Me, In Their Eyes

There was an event held at my school, a kind of seminar, you know. The main theme was "Preparing Myself For Further Life". I have no intention to discuss it here because the seminar, despite of the weighty topic, however was boring -- yeah, at least for me. But honestly, I caught one interesting stuff. So, during the seminar, all of the 9 graders were divided into some groups. I was a 'Zebouth'er -- don't be confused, it's my group name, anyway! We did a thing, everyone got a piece of tiny-mini paper, and we should give that paper to others inside our group. And this 'others', must fill our paper with their thought about us -- owner of the paper. 2 positives and a negative comment. Well *long sigh with relief*, I was grateful for that I never be a kinda freak who wears a 'big-round-old school' glasses and awful braces -- no offense, please, people -- or else, be an it-girl who indeed acts mean towards others and have nothing inside brain except fashion plus hotties (to make this clear, you should watch 'school-theme' movies more often hahaha). I'm just...., a normal Angie, and that is that. During my junior high years, my friends accept and appreciate me as well. So thank God, at least my paper wouldn't contaminated by any terrible or weird comment that would make me cringe! Okay, let's check what they've said about me.

Start with negative ones -> Quite (I'm sure someone meant to say 'too quite'), lack of interaction, more to action (?), rarely socialize, quite (again), lack of social skill, prefer to be alone.

Positive ones -> Creative, good at novels analyzing, good at drawing, good at languages, artistic, good at entertainment thingies (pardon me?), calm, great scores at 'language' subjects, smart, diligent, often compose a story (who wrote this and how come you knew it?*slap-forehead*), nice, good at Korean, an expert reader of thick books (what the!? lol).

I want to say many thanks to my friends, no matter how bad or good the comments you've wrote, I really do appreciate this as a 'mirror' to make myself better! Wanna know something? Well you see, I've tried to be more chattery during last year actually, but somehow, please pray for the realization of a 'more-chattery-Angie' hahaha... That's it! Happy weekend, folks! *hugs and kisses*

Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

How's Life?

Well ya, I dunno how to start this. When was my last entry for this blog? *counting with fingers, gulping*. My fingers, just sadly can't take it all, I left this blog for a terribly long time since I started my national exams weeks -- uh, forget this, tough days. Hmm..., lemme talk about my presents first! -- What presents? You'll know *wink*


So, after we finished our exams, our school held this internship program for a week. And do you really think I can cope well with kids? Because my teacher put me as a teacher assistant for grade 5! Yes, grade 5. We should straight this matter first, I'm giving you honesty now, for that I wanted to be put as a librarian instead of..., this *wobbled-legs like a spaghetti*. However people, I passed this 'oh-my-gosh' task already, 2 weeks ago -- yeah, I know, this entry is a smelly stale casserole. Oh, maybe you're currently wondering , did I finish the internship program well?  The presents I received, will do the talk!

Ms Christina is the homeroom teacher, she'a a WOW, being a teacher for 12 years!

Very useful ones! Thank you Miss *kisses and hugs*

Ferrero Rondnoir, was from Lauren, she bought it from SG, sweet!

This notes was from Angelline! Aw, the quote hahaha

Handmade! From Abnergail, thank you!

My other friends, who got this position too, unfortunately weren't too lucky. I recognized they didn't get any single present. And when they knew, I also received a box of Ferrero Rondnoir, they were like urgh hahaha. Anyway, during my internship time, I did make new friend with 5 graders. Some of my favorite were, Coveena, Lauren, Evelyn, and Gaby (this girl is madly beautiful, I'm telling ya). It was an unexpectedly fun time to chat with them. There were some -- only two actually -- girls who were stalking me, insanely, all the time. They were, Abnergail Lorraine and Audrey Tan hahaha. But, pathetically, Nadia Lim and Casey Eve, still lived inside their very own world when I came, but nothing change until the really last day, they didn't manage to talk or do whatever with me. They love my partner, Kevin, instead -- ah, you know, type of it-girl, every class must have this *roll-eyes*. Hey, it's just me or you're starting to realize that I don't really talking about the boys? Yes, you got me. I don't really like boys, don't get me wrong, but that is that. The only boy I remember till now is Patrick, a kind of class-idol -- girls told me they love him hahaha. Too bad, I didn't bring my camera, so I couldn't take any picture of 5F!

I took this pic from Audrey's FB. Despite of all crazes, well yeah, I was enjoying my time with them!


Talking about presents. I still have 2 another pictures to post here! Do you remember about Irene's Blog Giveaway

This is the postman-bag. Cute, isn't it? I gave it to my beloved sister, Chelsea ;)

Whether this one, was my late birthday present from Edita, guess what?

Exactly, a piggy-bank! Or should I say, rice-cooker-bank? lol

And here it goes, the bottom, forbidden to be opened -- if I really use it later hahaha


Okay folks, don't put a frown face, I'm almost there. Promise, this will be the very last ones. My drawings! Recently, I'm considering a drawing class for myself. I think, if this area really is my strength, I'll develop it seriously. Please, kindly gimme ur suggestion, I don't bite, really! *smiling nicely*

Ergh, okay :-/

The seeing eye o_-

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Blame The Books, Angie!

I have been neglecting this blog for almost fourteen days, I have been a passive girl with 'oh-I-couldn't-care-more' acts throughout this week, I have been blah blah blah you name it, my beloved blogger friends! My Dad bought bunch of new books for me, that's why. Of course, his princess couldn't resist her new books as usual and the result, read the list I wrote above. Blame the books ya!? *wink*

Drunk with books

And folks, forget this books thingy for a moment, I did something fun last week. Since, I love to read historical stories, one day accidentally, a book with Russian background 'fell' into my lap (don't ask me how, books always have their own way to embrace me lol). After finished with that book, I suddenly felt so interested towards Russian stuff, and here I am now, fully capable to read Russian alphabets (just the alphabets OK, I haven't memorize many vocabularies yet) after few days of struggles! Oh well, I told you, I have no further intention to be serious with Russian language. It's just a hobby you know (to learn new languages), strange but positive hobby to be precise :)

I used many papers to practice Russian language, global warming :(

Zdravstvuytye means anyeong-haseyo means hello ha ha ha...

Lastly, I want to wish you a happy and blessed weekend!

Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Officially 15 Years Old

Yesterday, 21 February of 2011, was my birthday. Yes folks, I'm officially 15 YO now, no longer 14 YO anymore. How fast time flies huh? We didn't really do anything yesterday, my birthday cake still sitting neatly inside the refrigerator till now (I believe, my Mathematics course was far more important than this birthday bash). And I didn't ask for pressie to my parents, I just couldn't, I owe them too many things during my life. Anyway, I came back from my Mathematics course around 10 PM last night, my siblings were peacefully falling into their deep sleep, there were only me and my parents. So what did they do for this birthday girl? They gave me a precious priceless intimate moment. Just me and them. I felt like an only child..., and special. 

My birthday cake, with a little Ballet girl, I learned Ballet for few years but stopped since I entered Junior High :(

I was so tired back then, but either happy at the same time :)

Still making silly silly pose :P

With my love :)

I heart this pic way too much, I feel so touched everytime I see this

Ah well, we were teasing, chattering, taking pictures. We didn't cut the cake, we used it and brought it back inside the refrigerator ha ha ha. Just a silly dilly wonderful time with my Dad and Mum. A very rare moment for me as a child with 2 other siblings that need my parent's attentions. Did you recognized that even all of the pics above are self-cam?
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