Sabtu, 19 November 2011

I Will Never Be Able To Do So

Life has been changing, so tremendously much. Moving to a new school, adapting towards new environment, coping with new friends, and so on. Now that I'm a high school student, I found nothing really special for being a high-school-er, at least for now just run a life as it is. Hey, my fingers can't be used to count how long I've been neglecting this poor blog. I miss sharing with all of my beloved Aunties and friends here, I truly am. But sometimes, I'm not strong enough to conquer my damn laziness. 
To write and express what my current feeling is one of the most important parts in my life. I will never be able to leave this activity. Even though, I didn't make it in this blog, I always managed to at least spit some words elsewhere. Because I needed this so badly, I needed a place to pour my thoughts. A place where I could freely express myself without being negatively commented. Being a teenager with bunch of nonsense hormones is such a tough time to be bear ha ha ha...
Man, I actually bring countless stories to share here. Don't really know how to start. World has been a pretty hectic place these past months for both me and my family. My parents purchased a new house,  we're moving within a year of time, I got my room renovated, Daddy bought me a Mac (yes,  my dream Apple), my baby sister is entering junior high, not to mention new school and new people, have any idea how my life is turning upside down just in a few short months, so being a high-school-er  isn't that important with all of these things as the comparison? It's like riding one of Six-Flags  extreme roller-coasters. Never, in my life..., I have too many moments happening altogether like now.

 My new school corridors, taken during International Day

In front of my classroom, recognize a Russian flag? ;)

With Fiona and Jessie!

15-inches MacBook Pro

My new bookshelf, better home for my beloved books :') *sobs*

My bedroom wallpaper, Grandpa Pooh ;D


Drawing again!

Drawing again and again!

I really draw when I have nothing to do...

Nice weekend to you all! Kisses and hugs :)

11 komentar:

mommy to chumsy mengatakan...

oh..finally you have an update. Glad to know that you are well and adapting to the new changes in your life. You are only in High School once so enjoy and have the time of your life ;)

Alice Law mengatakan...

Hi Angie darling! It has been quite some time didn't get to hear from you, miss you a lot! *hugs

Wow, u changed school alrdy, best of luck my dear! Those are pretty good portraits! Man... drooling on your books already, hope we stay close by... at least can borrow some frm u, kiahahahah!

Till thn, see u! Keep well and take care!

Angie mengatakan...

@Auntie Barb

You're right, Auntie! I managed to absorb every moment, for that I know I may be missing high school moment far when I already go to college.. Phew, higher level, older age, busier days, tons of responsibilities. Life is come to a challenging mode. Thank you for coming and supporting me, it means a lot ^^

@Auntie Alice

*Hugs back
I know hahaha holiday is almost there, finally, more spare time to write and write in this blog ^^ Yes, changed school already, since few months ago... So many stories ah, but everybody will get bored if I spit all of 'em here haha.. Aw, would be glad to lend you some, I need to make a library by age 20 leh haha.. Thank you for coming, take care too Auntie, send kisses for Juan Juan and Ah Xuan :*

Small Kucing mengatakan...

welcome back :)

yvonne mengatakan...

Didn't hear from you in ages. Guess you were busy with school and life. Miss you a lot and wonder how is this little angel doing :D

I hope you are adapting well to new school and schedule. And getting a new Mac and new room *drool*

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

So many changes in such a few short months. Change is always constant, I am sure you have no problem adapting to the changes. You keep well, Angie, and take care.

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

I've been wondering where have you been. Oh..you changed school already. High school is not that bad. When you come out to work, you will be missing your high school days..hehe. This is the time when you should study hard and do your best. Also try to chill a bit. :) Don't stress yourself dear.

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Hey, welcome back! Glad to read your updates again. Wow, new school and new house soon. There are so many things to look forward to :)

Your drawings are very beautiful!

miriam mengatakan...

best of luck 2 you angie!

wiie i can see the swedish flag hehe xx

Anonim mengatakan...

hi angie,

i came accross ur blog while looking for as much info on tunas muda international school...ur blog is interesting..i havent read much of ur entries...but i find u r such a sweet and smart girl...i enjoy reading ur thoughts and stories...with lovely handdrawings! u r 1 talented young girl with so much of potential! simple girl with big heart and much wisdom...too bad that u seemed to b so busy and no time for tis blog anymore.. anyway juz wishing u all the best in ur studies and rollercoaster young adult life ^^
i wish my daughter grow up like u hahaha (she's still 4yo btw)...
hope to see more of ur blog entries....

Barbara mengatakan...

Hi Angie,

How are you doing? Hope you remember me from little chumsy's blog (www.chumsyashley.info). I was reading my old posts and came across your comments. We haven't been keeping in touch. Just wondering how are you now? Hope all is well with you.

Aunty Barb

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