Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Me, In Their Eyes

There was an event held at my school, a kind of seminar, you know. The main theme was "Preparing Myself For Further Life". I have no intention to discuss it here because the seminar, despite of the weighty topic, however was boring -- yeah, at least for me. But honestly, I caught one interesting stuff. So, during the seminar, all of the 9 graders were divided into some groups. I was a 'Zebouth'er -- don't be confused, it's my group name, anyway! We did a thing, everyone got a piece of tiny-mini paper, and we should give that paper to others inside our group. And this 'others', must fill our paper with their thought about us -- owner of the paper. 2 positives and a negative comment. Well *long sigh with relief*, I was grateful for that I never be a kinda freak who wears a 'big-round-old school' glasses and awful braces -- no offense, please, people -- or else, be an it-girl who indeed acts mean towards others and have nothing inside brain except fashion plus hotties (to make this clear, you should watch 'school-theme' movies more often hahaha). I'm just...., a normal Angie, and that is that. During my junior high years, my friends accept and appreciate me as well. So thank God, at least my paper wouldn't contaminated by any terrible or weird comment that would make me cringe! Okay, let's check what they've said about me.

Start with negative ones -> Quite (I'm sure someone meant to say 'too quite'), lack of interaction, more to action (?), rarely socialize, quite (again), lack of social skill, prefer to be alone.

Positive ones -> Creative, good at novels analyzing, good at drawing, good at languages, artistic, good at entertainment thingies (pardon me?), calm, great scores at 'language' subjects, smart, diligent, often compose a story (who wrote this and how come you knew it?*slap-forehead*), nice, good at Korean, an expert reader of thick books (what the!? lol).

I want to say many thanks to my friends, no matter how bad or good the comments you've wrote, I really do appreciate this as a 'mirror' to make myself better! Wanna know something? Well you see, I've tried to be more chattery during last year actually, but somehow, please pray for the realization of a 'more-chattery-Angie' hahaha... That's it! Happy weekend, folks! *hugs and kisses*

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Yvonne mengatakan...

LOL @ "jago membaca buku tebal". Your friend is so funny.

Honestly, this kind of activity is quite good. We often think and act at our best, and thought, "This is me, overall I'm good". Receiving comments and compliments help to make us a better person.

I'm constantly trying change my attitude and perspective, as being advised by other. By this, I hope to improve :)

Alice Law mengatakan...

Muahahaha.... your friends know you well ya! Congratz, the positive review is much much longer thn the negative one, wink!^^

Small Kucing mengatakan...

heye...this was what we did during one of our training course

eugene mengatakan...

Hello Angie,

Uncle eugene is here wishing you a great week ahead ya

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

To my surprise, you are a quiet person. The negative remarks weren't so bad. Silence is golden, right? By the way, proud of you for the strength in language. Keep it up, Angie.

mommy to chumsy mengatakan...

no one is perfect :) just be who you are Angie :)

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

I'm also the quiet type..hehe. It's good to know what are your weaknesses and strengths so we can improve ourselves.

P/S: Thank you for your well wishes ya. Gwen is ok already. :)

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