Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

How's Life?

Well ya, I dunno how to start this. When was my last entry for this blog? *counting with fingers, gulping*. My fingers, just sadly can't take it all, I left this blog for a terribly long time since I started my national exams weeks -- uh, forget this, tough days. Hmm..., lemme talk about my presents first! -- What presents? You'll know *wink*


So, after we finished our exams, our school held this internship program for a week. And do you really think I can cope well with kids? Because my teacher put me as a teacher assistant for grade 5! Yes, grade 5. We should straight this matter first, I'm giving you honesty now, for that I wanted to be put as a librarian instead of..., this *wobbled-legs like a spaghetti*. However people, I passed this 'oh-my-gosh' task already, 2 weeks ago -- yeah, I know, this entry is a smelly stale casserole. Oh, maybe you're currently wondering , did I finish the internship program well?  The presents I received, will do the talk!

Ms Christina is the homeroom teacher, she'a a WOW, being a teacher for 12 years!

Very useful ones! Thank you Miss *kisses and hugs*

Ferrero Rondnoir, was from Lauren, she bought it from SG, sweet!

This notes was from Angelline! Aw, the quote hahaha

Handmade! From Abnergail, thank you!

My other friends, who got this position too, unfortunately weren't too lucky. I recognized they didn't get any single present. And when they knew, I also received a box of Ferrero Rondnoir, they were like urgh hahaha. Anyway, during my internship time, I did make new friend with 5 graders. Some of my favorite were, Coveena, Lauren, Evelyn, and Gaby (this girl is madly beautiful, I'm telling ya). It was an unexpectedly fun time to chat with them. There were some -- only two actually -- girls who were stalking me, insanely, all the time. They were, Abnergail Lorraine and Audrey Tan hahaha. But, pathetically, Nadia Lim and Casey Eve, still lived inside their very own world when I came, but nothing change until the really last day, they didn't manage to talk or do whatever with me. They love my partner, Kevin, instead -- ah, you know, type of it-girl, every class must have this *roll-eyes*. Hey, it's just me or you're starting to realize that I don't really talking about the boys? Yes, you got me. I don't really like boys, don't get me wrong, but that is that. The only boy I remember till now is Patrick, a kind of class-idol -- girls told me they love him hahaha. Too bad, I didn't bring my camera, so I couldn't take any picture of 5F!

I took this pic from Audrey's FB. Despite of all crazes, well yeah, I was enjoying my time with them!


Talking about presents. I still have 2 another pictures to post here! Do you remember about Irene's Blog Giveaway

This is the postman-bag. Cute, isn't it? I gave it to my beloved sister, Chelsea ;)

Whether this one, was my late birthday present from Edita, guess what?

Exactly, a piggy-bank! Or should I say, rice-cooker-bank? lol

And here it goes, the bottom, forbidden to be opened -- if I really use it later hahaha


Okay folks, don't put a frown face, I'm almost there. Promise, this will be the very last ones. My drawings! Recently, I'm considering a drawing class for myself. I think, if this area really is my strength, I'll develop it seriously. Please, kindly gimme ur suggestion, I don't bite, really! *smiling nicely*

Ergh, okay :-/

The seeing eye o_-

9 komentar:

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Welcome back Angie! It's been so long..hehe. No wonder you were having a long hiatus. You were "working" as an intern..and you did extremely well judging by those lovely gifts you've received. :)

I think you should enrol in a drawing class. I'm impressed with your drawing skills.

mommy to chumsy mengatakan...

hey, so glad to see you back to blogging :) so now it's time for you to relax after a long period of hardwork? Your drawing is really beautiful. It's a good thing to enrol yourself in a class to enhance your skill :)

Yvonne mengatakan...

Miss you so, Angie~~

I see you've been very very busy lately. It's such a good experience to be a teacher assistant - so that you'll know it's not easy to handle a bunch of 5th graders, lol! And sure they appreciate you *wink*

Hey, I couldn't spot you in the group photo. Where are you?

I fall for that rice cooker. I really thought it's a mini rice cooker which is fully operating :p

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

We (Yvonne and I) kept asking each other where is Angie. Now, you are back, safe and sound. Thanks for all the comments that you leave in my blog. You are such a lovely people to be with, that is why you received so many heart warming pressie. Way to go, girl. Keep it up.

Angie mengatakan...

Mummy Gwen,

Yes! I miss these things you know, sharing a story, blogs-surfing, reading and commenting >< You think so? There's a drawing class near my home, just opened back a month ago, I shud enroll there uh, I rly wanna try hahaha
PS: I hope you and Gwen will be alright, GBU always ok :)

Aunty Barb,

Yes, Aunty! Glad to be back to my, well, peaceful world (?) hahaha No more tests for next few months, it's time to relaxing myself >,< Yeah, I know, good chance to go to the drawing class eh, I will know lot more techniques ^^ Thanks for ur compliment! Burning my spirit hahaha

Aunty Yvonne,

Yes! Even I was feeling a bit uncomfortable for the first time, but you're totally right! It's a positive thing our school could gave us this experience, I know, it was undoubtedly hard to be a teacher, because all of these kids have different characters! >,< Oh, I wasn't there actually hahaha ^^ What, the mini rice cooker? If that's a real ones, I dunno for who I will cook, my pups? hahaha

Aunty Yan,

Aw, thank you, I miss you too! But all of the crazes lately, you know >,< During that time, I kept wondering about lil May and April, also I missed to see April's drawings hahaha

Small Kucing mengatakan...

So long havent seen you blogged. Welome back. Happy belated birthday!

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Hey, welcome back! Wow, internship at your age? Hope you had a great experience teaching the 5th graders :)

Honestly, your drawing is excellent! You are really talented in art :)

Alice Law mengatakan...

Hey Angie darling, what a long hiatus!!!

You sure changed a lot, your writing style, skill and even your portrait drawing has improved tremendously! Instead of enrolling into a drawing class, I think you should start your own teaching class, you hv talents!;D

Great experience you had with the Grade 5, it shall be one of the most memorable and beautiful memories of yours!

Angie mengatakan...


Aw, yes a very long hiatus huh ;D Oh, that's not for my bday, they're from 5F students, where I put to be an assistant teacher for internship program! ^^

Chloe Mummy,

Aw thanks for u compliment! Glad you like my drawing >,< And yes, I did. Some of them are rly nice ^^ It was a great experience for me, honestly ;)

Aunty Alice,

Yesss, a rly long one huh >,< Thank you for ur compliments Aunty Alice, boost my mood LOL haha Should I? Because if I have a drawing class, I'll just tell this to my students ," Follow your intuition because I do, I have no technique, free yourself" LOL hahaha Yes! Great plus useful one to got such an experience ;DD

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