Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Blame The Books, Angie!

I have been neglecting this blog for almost fourteen days, I have been a passive girl with 'oh-I-couldn't-care-more' acts throughout this week, I have been blah blah blah you name it, my beloved blogger friends! My Dad bought bunch of new books for me, that's why. Of course, his princess couldn't resist her new books as usual and the result, read the list I wrote above. Blame the books ya!? *wink*

Drunk with books

And folks, forget this books thingy for a moment, I did something fun last week. Since, I love to read historical stories, one day accidentally, a book with Russian background 'fell' into my lap (don't ask me how, books always have their own way to embrace me lol). After finished with that book, I suddenly felt so interested towards Russian stuff, and here I am now, fully capable to read Russian alphabets (just the alphabets OK, I haven't memorize many vocabularies yet) after few days of struggles! Oh well, I told you, I have no further intention to be serious with Russian language. It's just a hobby you know (to learn new languages), strange but positive hobby to be precise :)

I used many papers to practice Russian language, global warming :(

Zdravstvuytye means anyeong-haseyo means hello ha ha ha...

Lastly, I want to wish you a happy and blessed weekend!

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Small Kucing mengatakan...

you got quite a talent in language. Why not try you hand in writing. Maybe could b a famous author someday

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Reading is definitely a good hobby than blogging. I am pretty sure this. Keep it up.

Yvonne mengatakan...

Most teenagers are engrossed with reading, keep it up, Angie! I love reading books too, and I prefer those detective and mystery type. During my teens, most of my friends were reading love stories and high school novels meanwhile I was hooked to Hardy Boys, Nancy Drews and Famous Five.... weird, huh?

You are interested with Russian stuffs now? Hehehe... I think you are good in languages :) Learning new language is an advantage, you know. Maybe you can become a translator in future :) очень хорошо!

p/s: I took Russian language during my university, as an elective subject. Kindergarten level only... now I have already forgotten 95% hahaha!

mommy to chumsy mengatakan...

boy you are really good. i wish that Ashley will grow up to love books like you. Don't worry about neglecting your blog. At least you are putting your free time to good use ;) well done Angie.

Angie mengatakan...


I want to try either someday haha I hope so, be a famous author will be great!

@Aunty Yan,

Hahaha sometimes I read too often you know, it makes people around me confused cause I'll always ignore them and fully focus with my book haha


I just finished read mystery book yesterday, abt FBI haha and my friend just told me about Hardy Boys, is it good? Nancy Drew, my fave 2 yrs ago haha well to be precise, I started to read Romance on Nov 2010, before that I even had a weirder taste than u, most of time I read physiology , metaphysics, philosophy LOL I just learn Russian language independently in my spare time, no intention to go further lah hahaha

@Aunty Barb,

I suppose you like to read right, maybe Ashley inherited your genes hehehe me myself started to like reading when I was in third grade. I still playing around in Ashley's age hahaha

reanaclaire mengatakan...

hello.. coming by.. so you are 15 years old.. great! the way you write, puts me to shame.. hahaha... keep up your reading, it really helps!

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Wow..that's alot of books. Your Dad knows you very well. You are really good at learning new languages...good job.

Yin Yue mengatakan...

very good hobby u have angie. :)

Alice Law mengatakan...

Wow, you certainly indulge in books! Thumbs up! Keep up your good hobbies, I'm really proud of you!

mommy to chumsy mengatakan...

Hey Angie, how are you? Just wondering if everything is ok cos you haven't been updating your blog. Take care.

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