Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Irene's Blog Giveaway!

This is a post about Irene's blog giveaway. I want to participate (2 beautiful postman bags which she will give to 2 lucky winners, I wouldn't say NO people!), who know I will be 'that' lucky ha ha ha. If you want to participate and win a wonderful bag from Irene, just read and check it out!

I'm kinda busy for my school but now I've a quite long holiday to prepare for my final test.
anyway, as i wish you all..

"i love blogging and blog walking!
i love reading comments and giving comments!
i love following great blogger and i love to be followed!"

actually I've been blogging about 3 years ago, so you can conclude that I'm a lazy blogger!
I've no idea for my giveaway, so i just wanna give you.... *marching band's sound*
2 little postman bag from my online shop, yeah LOVABLE STUFF!
2 LUCKY PERSON who will win this cute one!
you may choose the color they are black, white and red!

do you want it? it's very easy! how it works:
1. Follow my blog.
2. Re-blog this post and gimme the link of your post.
3. Comments about my blog and any good and inspiring advice!

this give away just open for Indonesian resident only.
this give away will be close on Christmas ! 25 December 2010!
what are you waiting for? come on!
let's participating in my first giveaway and win this postman bag! :D

5 komentar:

Alice Law mengatakan...

Auntie Law wishes you goodluck on this giveaway! Wow, you are actually my senior blogger, shy to say that I only started blogging a year ago!;p

All the best of luck and a wonderful week ahead to you!

eugene mengatakan...

Uncle Eugene here first of all,wishing you a blessed morning,second of all congratulation to the 100th post,,, thirdly of all continue blogging ya,,,all theses uncles and aunties will support you..

God bless

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Thank you Aunty for your wishes ^0^
Yeah, she's a senior blogger, but she rarely post these days, too bad, I like her story ^^ haha

Uncle Eugene,

Thank you Uncle Eugene for your best wishes and support ^0^ You have a nice day ahead, JBU ;)

yvonne mengatakan...

For Indonesian only? Arrrrrgh.... That's mean I can't participate!

Anyway, wish you all the best to win the beautiful white bag. It's very very beautiful :)

Small Kucing mengatakan...

Good luck to you :D

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