Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Santa Daddy Granted Princess Wish

You know, I ran out of book (I finished total 800++ pages on 3 days =="). Today is holiday, this morning I dug my book-shelf in order to find something to read. I chose one book (that I bought long time ago and almost forgot about it) titled DOCTORS by Erich Segal, it was 23 cm long with 800 pages and guess what? I felt like I was sitting together with a lecturer who taught me everything about medicines. Doomed! So I ended up, sleeping anxiously (cause my body knew, I didn't need to rest but I still forced it to, I had nothing to do) from afternoon till evening.

For book sake, it was first time I faced difficulty to hold a book on my hand! It was too big

Evening came, I whispered to my Ma (so Dad wouldn't hear it, I didn't want to make my Dad tired, he should enjoy his day-off!).

Angie: Mah, mah, so bored lah! I need books. I need books!
Ma: You want me to do what for you ah?
Angie: Please drive me to the bookstore on the mal.
Ma: What? Okay, I drive you, but I don't want to get out from car, you go alone to the bookstore!
Angie: *didn't care at all* Whatever lah! I just need you to drive me. I don't want you to join me either.
Suddenly Dad came inside home after smoking, apparently he heard our small chat, he shouted sincerely with his warm voice,
Dad: What? You want to go to the bookstore? Why don't tell me? Change your clothes, I'll take you there, don't bother your Ma. 
Actually my Ma was busy with her Blackberry, sigh. It's her routine to Blackberry-ing all the time lol

I bought 3 novels, Impostress, Smooth Talking Stranger, and Immortal. Finally!

Chelsea was laughing all the time with her new comics on hand ;p

Ate at Solaria, I ordered Kwetiou, yummy! 

Bought treat at J.CO :D

Sigh, seems that I have a Santa-Daddy! He spoiled his children. He told us, he didn't experience a happy childhood (he quit school cause of economic problem and should working at age 9), so you can guess, he wishes us a fun happy childhood. I know how he treats me with all of his generosity. And his generosity makes me aware with my duty to please him (not like in the movies, when parents spoiled child and produce a boisterous child). I ensure myself to be discipline and finish my work carefully to reach a good result (for all aspects in my life). Maybe that's the only way for me as a child to thank him and God for life that I own now.

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Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Angie, you read a lot, and I can see the outcome of this good habit. Your English writing is very good. Besides, you are blessed to have good parents. Be grateful, girl.

yvonne mengatakan...

Very wise thinking, daddy's girl! All dads love their children and would do anything to make them happy. And yes, you should pay yours back by being filial and do not turn out as a spoilt brat. Love him with all your heart :)

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

wow, you really read a lot. that's very good. i hope ashley will be like you next time :D

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yan,

Thank you Aunty ^0^ Yeah! Aunty is totally right. I'm so blessed for everything I have. Sometime I feel lucky too and it makes me grateful a lot while I'm contemplating this life. ^^

Aunty Yvonne,

Yes Aunty, I couldn't imagine how child turn out into a spoiled brat and misuse their parents generosity! No doubt, I love him with all of my heart, my Ma too ;D

Aunty Barb,

Hahaha you should start this habit for Ashley, I get many things from reading, my knowledge grows better than most of my friends. I'm sure Ashley will used to it once you make it as a routine ;D

Small Kucing mengatakan...

Doctor is a good book. Have you tried books by arthur hailey? If not try these Moneychanger, Hotel, Airport and Evening News. Good books

Angie mengatakan...


Yeah, agree with you, Doctors was good, but I was tempted to search for romance novels now (hormonal factor or what?lol) Wah!!! Thanks to gave me recommendation, you should do this more, I mean it, I appreciate many recommendations from my friends. I love recommendation before start to read a book (in case I get a bad one, so I can avoid it) ;D

Alice Law mengatakan...

Hi Angie!

You have a very understanding dad, I wish I have a dad like yours... perhaps next life!^-^

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

You are a sweet and mature girl. I think my Hubby would do the same for Gwen too..hehe.

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Hahaha yeah I'm lucky right. I think it'll be good to have Ma like you in next life too hahaha ;D

Mummy Gwen,

Aw thanks ;D Yeah, I could see it from your blog, Gwen is type of Daddy princess like me hahaha

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Reading is good. If I'm your dad, I will gladly drive you to the bookstore to get you more book! Is there a library near your home? It will be good also if you can borrow them in the long term.

Angie mengatakan...

Chloe Mummy,

I think every parents will be glad about this case lol My dad never feel bored to buy me new books ;p
No library here, library is something rare in Indonesia, but I have my own library in my own room lol

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