Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Outing With Mummy

Yep, today I was going out with Ma. She asked me for a companion to Daan Mogot Mal (DM) near our home, because she wanted to go to jewelry shop to manage 'something', I didn't know at all, it was her 'little business'. She doesn't like to be alone wherever she goes, completely different from me and Dad. Anyway, I agreed (with a promise she would buy me a novel if I go with her lol).

I finished my previous novel and I bought this one today :)

When she was busy with her thing, she told me to wait at McDonald. I went to McDonald by myself and bought a treat. 

Yeay, McFlurry with M&M topping, I'm lovin it lol

Not so long after that, she brought me to a Photo Studio. She said that she wanted to print some photos from her Blackberry. But we ended up with many (I mean really really many) photos being printed.

Mostly printed in size 2R. A small pocket size!

We got 3 Barbie pocket albums for free :D cute!

Trapped by traffic jam as always :(

I got a book so cheers along way home :P

By the way, we received a Christmas gift from my Auntie (wife of Ma's older brother). They're a Muslim family actually, but we respect each other belief by giving a gift regularly every year (for Christmas and Lebaran season).

Christmas card :) They have 3 boys, Alfian, Alfachri, and Alfredo

A box full of ice cream cupcakes! So yummy but too cute to be eaten, thank you Auntie :D

3 komentar:

Small Kucing mengatakan...

goody..new book.

Hey..how come you get to snap photo in the jewellery shop? If over here, the store people would be making a lot of noise. Security reason. Scared of robbery.

nice to have your photos printed out ya.

Alice Law mengatakan...

Another decent and nice mother and daughter outing! Love the adorable cupcakes, that's very sweet of your aunty!^-^

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, Angie!

Angie mengatakan...


I didn't capture their shop name :X the store people kept silent when I wanted to take a pic so I just took it. Yeah but My Mum said bit expensive lah >< but we were satisfied with it :D

Aunty Alice,

Yeahh, often go out with my Ma lately, great right?! haha Yes the cupcake is yummy, but couldn't often eat it lah,my Ma will be mad hahaha.. Merry Xmas & Happy NY to you too Aunty Alice ^^

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