Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Yearbook Photo Session

Yeah, I had a yearbook photo session this evening, it was tiring, and no fun. But before I tell you more, I just want to talk about Christmas and Potluck Party celebration today in my school. Well, it's 16th December but we celebrated an early Christmas, I guess ha ha ha. I also received a box of food for lunch (I had no appetite and gave it to my driver). I brought 3 presents back home.

A new sketch book, Tupperware yellow cup, and mysterious present :P

I may not open the mysterious present from Ilona, my bestie, before 24th December. I don't know why, but I hope I can cope with my big curiosity because she hoped so.

Okay then, the photo session held on Jembatan Kota Intan (Kota Intan Bridge), Old Town, Jakarta. It started around 5.30 PM (we waited for the EO to come), but I arrived at 4 PM. Waiting for a long time successfully annoyed me!

Me! Recognize the Basketball headphone? I just bought it yesterday for IDR 85.000

We paid IDR 350.000 inside for 26 people include my homeroom teacher

The bridge, first time I saw it directly

Left to right, Felix, Wilson, and Steven. They were playing around and totally a LOL!

Everyone was busy with their make up and stuffs while I busy taking pictures

Cheers, I was the only one who didn't wear a dress. A dress for me, keep dreaming!

Miss Kris, our homeroom teacher

Ilona, my bestie. I'm tall like giraffe, poor her T_T

View of Old Town 

I love this shot! Gals were posing together :)

Gurls! So dark when we took this pic, can you spot me!? (I was holding a white hat)

I arrived home at 7.15 PM. I still think about bunch of tasks. My latest job is to draw an illustration of 9B members for yearbook, sigh. I never able to escape from school tasks, for God sake, tomorrow will be the last day of school but I still get a task? Kidding me! You want me to do it during holiday? Joking me! 

God bless me for doing this job! Amen

7 komentar:

Alice Law mengatakan...

Angie dear, I found you have a pretty pop up avatar on your blog, that's really nice!^-^

Wow, your class has an exclusive outdoor photography just for the yearbook? How Impressive!

I had done something similar for my class too(for our final yearbook), though just a simple class caricature. Trust me, you might feel sulky now, but once you completed your artwork and it got to print on your one and only final yearbook, your hard work paid off!

Give all you have and all the best!

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Yeah! Emily The Strangers haha ^0^
You're right Aunty, I feel sulky to do it during holiday time, but as you said, maybe it'll be satisfying once I completed my artwork. I'll give my best and won't disappointing my friends even this task is sucks hahahaha thank you Aunty ^,^

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

The task given to you is a compliment because you are really good in this! Hope to see your nice work once it is done :) Btw, it's so nice to have a group photography session for your Yearbook. Auntie never had anything like this in our school last time :(

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

i think you did very well with the illustration :) have a nice weekend.

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

This was another memory that you are going to have in future when you are out of school. Have a nice weekend, Angie.

Angie mengatakan...

Chloe Mummy,

I think so, even I don't like to do it during holiday hahaha..I hope the best for that artwork, hope my hands will cope nicely for this haha..! I think the photo-shoot will be a great memory when I grown up, too bad you don't have any like this, should make sure Chloe will have one late ;)

Aunty Barb,

Thank youu Aunty Barb ^0^ Yeah you have a nice and fruitful weekend too! Say hi to Ashley ;D

Aunty Yan,

Yeah you're totally right Aunty Yan. It was tiring but I hope this will be a great memory when I grown up! ^^ Have a nice vacay to you too Aunty! God bless ;)

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Angie, I know how you feel...take it as a challenge and you should be proud of yourself coz your illustration is very nicely done.

Merry Christmas in advance to you and your family!

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