Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

What A Day

Junior High department held a Friendship Day (actually today was the second session, first session of FD held on Monday when I skipped school as I mentioned before, I wasn't interested with Friendship-thingy), we had a lot of contests during first and second session of FD event. Indeed, I went to school this morning, just because I was a participant of Fashion Show contest (it was my responsibility as a participant to come and make my class win, I wouldn't skip this session for my class sake). My partners were Ilona and Sheilly as costume maker like me, plus Christopher and Vania as model. The chosen models would perform our 'costume-creation' on a small runaway. Funny. I didn't aim to make my model friends embarrassed with costumes that I would create, but I did embarrassed them when I (or Ilona for exact) chose a 'Christmas Theme'. We won third prize over 17 participated classes.

Made by Angie, Ilona, and Sheilly. Performed by Chris and Vania. We represented grade 9B and won third prize!

My favorite was grade 9E, they were awesome, too bad they didn't win cause of some criteria

Half participants 

FD photos by Irene

It was tiring, seriously, I didn't really enjoy that kind of event. I prefer studying inside class ha ha ha. Anyway, I still have a long list of insanities.

  • Secret Pal event from 8 until 15 December
  • Potluck and Christmas Party on 16 December
  • Yearbook photo session on 16 December evening
  • Book week on 17 January
  • I should make a drama script for Oliver Twist right before 17 January
  • Art hand-craft project
See the third dot, I will have a yearbook photo session on 16 December so today Ma brought me to the mal, we were shopping for outfits folks. I hate shopping, basically. I'm a tomboy (and nerd). I think a lot about books and knowledge, but I have no attention about fashion. Only emergency-alert which able to kick me out of my shell to shop. Well, at least I had a bonding-time with my Ma, thanks to this ridiculous photo session.

Take a sneak peek :P

Ruffle dress IDR 100.000, buy a cheap and simple one cause I will rarely wear it later

Silver oxford shoes IDR 210.000

Polka-dot wire bandana IDR 49.000

Skin-colored cotton socks IDR 27.000

Things I wouldn't forget to buy, books!

We also visited a Sushi and Japanese kiosk

Extremely yummy, a soft sweet peach jelly that I ordered

Ma bought a sushi set

What a day! I really tired now. I went back home at 10 PM from mal. I didn't have enough rest these days so I will sleep right away. Night people!

9 komentar:

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Congrats on coming 3rd! Hey..you got hidden talent lah. :)

I prefer studying in class too when I was still schooling..guess I was a nerd too..haha. But I always love dressing up since young. :P

Which mall did you go? The dress is pretty and cheap lah.

yvonne mengatakan...

Not bad to won 3rd over 17 groups :)

I was a nerd too during my school days. Not a keen reader nor a fashionista neither. I was in T's and short and carrot-cut jeans. Those days... haha, I dare not look back. I was left far behind in terms of fashion.

Small Kucing mengatakan...

Goodnight and sweet dreams

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Angie, you certainly look much better than Aunty Yan, when she was 14. She was big, tall and classmates her called gorilla. They were bad, right? But I have to thank them for making me succeed in my diet plan later.

eugene mengatakan...

Hey Angie,,,

ok ok, well done...... and guess what the weekend is here so have a blast of it,,ya...

so you like to read too, cool.... currently i am reading... a book entitled " God's Problem"

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

wow what an interesting day. i like your top..it's pretty :)

Alice Law mengatakan...

Congratulation on your team winning! Well done!

Wah, great bonding time with your Ma! Show us how's the outcome when you put it on ok?;D

Have a nice day!

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Well done for winning 3rd prize! Wow, you have so many programs lined up this month. This will surely keep you busy.

Hey, being a bookworm and seeking knowledge is good. Aunty would prefer Chloe to be like you when she grows up instead of just focusing on being pretty :)

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Angie, thanks for informing me about Kidzania. I've heard about it before...maybe I'll bring Gwen there during the school holiday.

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