Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Usual Outing, Unusual Chat

Today is Saturday. Just like usual folks, I went to mal with my Dad and siblings. We chose Central Park as our destination. We rarely go there, I was bit surprised when I saw how different Central Park now -- well, I visited Central Park once, way long time ago. Okay, I will let my pictures do the talk!

Main enterance, I found this medium-sized Christmas Tree

We were eating on an Indonesian Cuisine

We distracted by a Homemade-Chocolate Store called Chocola lol

Dangerous zone ha ha ha please ourselves with many choices of chocolate

We spent IDR 110.000 for 2 little packs of chocolate that we picked, what the!

We found a cozy park near main lobby, we were playing around there ;)

Ugh! Bad quality of picture :-/

We started to see a beautiful enviroment as we walked around

This place reminded me with one of Boys Over Flowers park scene ;P

Fish pond! A slight Jazz music floated nicely when I entered this area

So weird here!

Oh, I didn't expected a bigger Christmas Tree :)

Snap this! Snap that! :P

After that, we decided to watch a movie as usual. We immediately headed to Blitzmegaplex. I loved Central Park Blitzmegaplex's theme, they used a Space theme. Whereas Grand Indonesia and Pacific Place Blitzmegaplex chose an ordinary modern theme, but still they're huge, all Blitzmegaplex are somehow exclusive. Grand Indonesia Blitzmegaplex is the biggest movie theater in Indonesia. Anyway, we watched Due Date, didn't really work on me, you know I barely laughed :P

During way back home, I was chatting with my Dad while both of my siblings were sleeping peacefully. Our topics were his business, my life purpose and future, his friend problem, my friendship life, his opinion about Indonesia, my opinion about this life, and last but not least, about Mummy. We weren't talk behind her back, it was just a simple discussion about how she behaves and etc (Dad and I, we're similar with a mature and introvert characteristic. On the other side, Mummy is a childish cheerful woman who thinks a lot about herself). That was an unusual chat, we picked many hard weighty topics. Well, I do often talk with a weighty topic to him, but never we had enough time like what we did tonight, collected many weight topics and discussing it one by one. Thanks to crazy traffic! For earth sake it was 11 PM at night but this is Jakarta, a sleepless city.

2 komentar:

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Wow... the chocolates look really good! :) Auntie is interested in watching Due Date too but you didn't find it nice?

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty, due date wasn't really funny X) at least for me and my Dad also agree with it, but I don't know for others hahaha

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