Minggu, 12 Desember 2010


Please, don't read the title first he he he. Today, we (included Ma this time) visited a GL Ministry Church  around Kelapa Gading. It took one hour before we arrived there at 6.20 PM. Church started from 6.30 PM and ended 9.00 PM. Yes, two and half hours, I never expected that long, usually we just spend one and half hours on our normal church. After that, we headed to Sate Senayan Restaurant and had a wonderful supper there.

Menu, you could find many choices of Indonesian Cuisine there!

One of restaurant view

While we were waiting, I kept busy taking pictures. Ever since I own this blog, I enjoy all of my trips more, because I know I have a place to share and save my stories. Blog, which I feel like my own home, is a memory keeper or we could call it journal dairy. I believe it's important for every person who own and use it seriously :) Anyway, we took many pictures, all of us had a cheerful mood tonight which made me glad and wished a wonderful outing like this every weekend ha ha ha


Auntie Carenina and me :)

Smiling Dad!

I realized I would miss this, smiling Mum!

Kids, they put their eyes into games all the time, sigh and slap forehead 

 Our foods, just simple, 3 portions of chicken satay, 2 bowls of soup, and Gelantine. Tasted great!

Like our narcissism inside restaurant wasn't enough, we snapped another pictures outside restaurant. Oh God! I felt like my face was almost cramp lol

God really blessed my weekend ha ha ha. Okay, time to sleep now, night folks!

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Alice Law mengatakan...

Glad that you enjoyed your weekend and family outing!^-^

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Thank youuu Aunty ^_^ I hope you enjoyed your weekend too hehehe God bless ya and have nice day ahead <3

yvonne mengatakan...

Satay! My favourite!

I love to snap pics during any outing too :) Sometimes I constrain myself from taking photo because I'm afraid certain ppl will get annoyed with my act. Not many ppl would understand, especially non-blogger.

p/s: I must emphasis here again, your mom is a real beauty :D

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yvonne,

Yesss I love satay just like you!
Too bad, I could feel you, my Dad was confused and asked me why I keep taking pictures LOL he didn't know I have a blog. Non-blogger people usually get confused/annoyed with our act @_@ They even think we're crazy to take unimportant pictures like our food etc lol
Hahaha thank you Aunty, can you believe she's 40++ LOL

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

I agree with Yvonne, your mother is very beautiful and young, can you please check it up with her? Can she share some stay young and stay beauty tips with Auntie Yan or not?

Merinda Chua mengatakan...

wah..it is nice the restaurant and glad you enjoyed your time with your family so much...it is good...family value is important...do have more weekend outing with your family..:-) enjoy...

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yan,

She's the only one who inherited her her late father's face (who I admitted was very handsome) and the only one who inherited her face now is her nephew, my cousin (it hurts for me lol). But I think it's about genes cause my Mom apparently doesn't put any specific treatment for her face ,sigh.

Aunty Merinda,

Hi Aunty! Thanks for visited my blog ^0^ Yeah I believe family is an important value in our life, I'm so agree with you! I think, I'll try to have this kind of outing every week, if I'm able to haha

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

what a lovely weekend. i like your top :D

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