Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Last Day of School 2010

Yeay! Finally, last day of school for 2010. We ended semester 1 today by received a final report of our hard work during half year in grade 9.

Letter for parents, a souvenir, and my record portfolio 

It was a calender for 2011 as souvenir, not bad

Left column is KKM (standard), right column is my score (average of all scores per subject during semester 1)

1.) Religion: 87
2.) Civics: 88
3.) Bahasa Indonesia: 81
4.) English: 89
5.) Mathematics: 73
6.) Science: 87
7.) Social: 87
8.) Art and Culture: 80
9.) PE: 78*
10.) Craft: 91*
11.) Computer: 78
12.) PLKJ (Environmental Studies): 95*

*highest among class members

Extracurricular score, I joined Mandarin Club and achieved B. I also got a 'Good' marks for my moral and character in school.

Overall, I satisfied with my achievement. I felt grateful to God and motivated to do better for next semester. But, for now, I'll just let my brain to rest itself ha ha ha. Next week I'll go to Singapore, must be a fun time to relax :) Anyway I watched Tron 3D tonight! It was packed with a complicated plot plus don't forget the awesome 3D! I didn't sleep at all, just because the 3D effects mesmerizing my eyes during the show ha ha ha. I hardly understand the story, simply confusing actually, but I made it thou. I understood the main plot at last moment of the show, how pathetic!

Didn't quite satisfied with the story, but Tron's 3D was hella awesome!

Also bought a historical romance novel, The Magic of You by Johanna Lindsey

Lastly, visited Sour Sally Yogurt to buy healthy treats :D

Happy weekend to you all! Have a great refreshing time with your family :D

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Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Why 2009? not 2010 ah?

Anyway, Happy Hoildays to you, Angie! I think you did very well in your exam. Congrats!

I was at Citywalk the other day..saw some books on sale but they were translated to Indonesian lah..hehe..so I didn't buy.

Alice Law mengatakan...

That's a stunning result Angie darling! Well done and keep it up next year!

I hopped by a few Singaporean mommy bloggers site,their Orchard rd decor this year is much more impressive than last year, have a joyful trip ya!^-^

Have a wonderful weekend!

yvonne mengatakan...

Happy holidays to you! Phew... rest at last, with an overall good result!

I watched Tron 3D and same as you, I was quite blurred by its story. Not a very interesting choice...sad to say that.

Angie mengatakan...

Mummy Gwen,

Now thanks for the correction :D I changed it already ^^ I never go to citywalk T_T Usually I just hang out around West Jakarta which is boring hahaha If you want to buy English book just go to Kinokuniya in Grand Indonesia or Times Bookstore :D

Aunty Alice,

Thank you Aunty ;D Oh you have Singaporean blogger friends? May I know who hahaha Yeah Orchard Road never fails impressing my eyes X_X You have wonderful weekend too!! ^^

Aunty Yvonne,

Happy holiday to you too Aunty ^-^
Yeah, I just love the 3D, rest of it simply disappointing me thou. I wish Disney made a simpler plot for Tron, sigh

Small Kucing mengatakan...

Happy Holidays!

So any vacation plans?

Angie mengatakan...


Got to Spore for 2 weeks, made this plan liao since few months ago ^^ You don't go vacay for Xmas holiday?

Alice Law mengatakan...

Angie darling,

Happy visit to:


Have a nice day!

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