Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Growing A Crystal

Hi, folks, just few days ahead before Christmas, I can't wait! Anyway, last night I opened my mysterious present that Ilona gave me (with her permission, I said that I can't open it on Christmas night because I'll be in Singapore and she told me that 'the present' is something that I may not bring to the airport, so I opened it last night). What was it?

A 'Believe' Crystal! I never try this :) Thanks my friend

I unpacked it with my little sister, Chelsea. We made the crystal together based on the instruction book. It was like a little experiment ha ha ha. 

Boiled water, glass bottle, crystal powder pouch, crystal tablet, stick, cord lid, flax, wish card, and we were ready!

1. Place the stick inside, fill the glass bottle with boiled water up to the line marked on the stick

2. Add the crystal powder pouch

3. Stir until completely dissolved

4. Drop the crystal tablet

5. Place the cork lid on the bottle and store in a safe location :)

After 24 hours has passed, we should remove the cork lid and keep it in touch with air. The crystal will grow and reach maximum size in 12-15 days (don't close the bottle with the cork lid during this period). I will post my grown up crystal later, probably 2 more weeks :D 

Few days ago, my friend asked me if I'm able to be a translator for her Korean novel. I said that maybe it'll be too hard for me to translate 300++ pages Korean novel. I usually translate Korean articles or sentences, but I never touch Korean novel. So I recommended her to my Sonsaengnim (teacher), after a few days passed, they made an agreement over it. Today I received the novel scripts from her via courier service (she lives in Jepara), I'll give it to my Sonsaengnim this evening.

The novel title is Tango by Gu Hye Seon

Few paragraphs

The author, do you know her? A Korean actress from Boys Before Flowers :)

Gu Hye Seon is my favorite actress. I like her since one and half years ago. I never stop stalking her until now ha ha ha. I knew she made a novel back to 2009 (they only sell it in Korea), I've been really curious about her novel since then. I had a little opportunity to read it this morning, I just read a few pages. I found new vocabularies and a hard grammar structure there. I'll have so many questions for Korean session tonight ha ha ha. Anyway, this will be my last post before I go to Singapore. Also, tonight will be the last session for my Korean lesson, Sonsaengnim will give birth to her second child in a few days (wish her luck), we will start our lesson again in the end of January.

Hiatus from 23 December 2010 up to 3 January 2011
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Bloggers.
 God Bless you all!

9 komentar:

Small Kucing mengatakan...

very good gift!

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

That's a lovely gift. Your friend is really thoughtful.

Enjoy your holiday, Angie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

The crystal gift is very nice. I'm curious to see the outcome too :)

Wow, you are so fluent in Korean language. I'm so impressed.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family in Singapore ya. Merry Christmas!

Alice Law mengatakan...

can't wait to see the crystals! I like Gu Hye Seon, she is a very sweet and lovely girl!^-^

Happy Holiday to you!

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

what an interesting gift. Have a Blessed Christmas and a Merry New Year.

pink.jasmine mengatakan...

aku jadi ga sabar nunggu kristalnya tumbuh (:
jadi, kalo udah tumbuh, update blognya ya.. (:

i can't speak English, so i wear Indonesian language, sorry (:

yvonne mengatakan...

I never knew we can grow crystal in-house :p I always thought crystal is created in the nature, kekeke...

Aunty has been quite busy in office work over the past week, hence I missed out some of your posts. Will get busier when new year is approaching.

Have a blessed christmas and happy new year 2011!

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

You have a toughtful friend. Aunty Yan wasn't in time to wish Merry Christmas, here I wish you have Happy New Year and joyful celebration with your family.

Rumah Yogurt mengatakan...

Hi Angie, I was just browsing blogspot and stumbled upon yours. Very neat blog indeed. I like it a lot! Keep up the good writing ya?! :)

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