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Singapore, 23-25th of December 2010

Hi, guys! Back to blogger after few days of hiatus. Glad to be back and I wish you all a very good lucks for this year, Happy New Year once again. Anyway, I brought many stories to write. As you all already knew, I had a short trip to Singapore from December 23 until 3 January. Yes, I just came back home yesterday night, but no jet-lag or whatsoever people call about 'tiredness'. I feel so usual ha ha ha. Okay, I will start my story now, during the first 3 days I stayed in SG.

Day 1 - 23th of December 2010

We got an early flight, around 7 in the morning. So we rushed to the airport hurriedly in the wee time -- oh, my Gram also came along with us. I just slept for 2-3 hours, not because of the excitement (I lost that kind of 'excited feeling with butterfly on stomach' maybe I'm all grown up now), but I was cleaning up my messy bedroom before I left -- with a purpose I would be happy to see my clean bedroom after I back home from SG ha ha ha. 

Still dark when we arrived in Soekarno Hatta International Airport

One of airport lounge, we had our breakfast there :)

7 am, time to go :D

Singapore at last! I forget the right time we reached Changi Airport

Lazy luggage-carrier ho ho ho

My Ma liked the blue fish, girls became the victims of her photo-taking :S

Yes, the blue fish again, she insisted my brother should be her victim too ha ha ha

Our hotel located on the Orchard Rd

A quite old hotel but still OK

Lunch time! I ate a portion of Hainan Rice and meatballs 

Why kiddos like this kind of machine?:S

We finished our packing and lunch before finally we discovered Orchard Rd. I was with my Dad and siblings whereas my Ma accompanied by Gram. I always love Orchard Rd and its atmosphere ha ha ha.

Snapped a picture first :P

We walked from one mal to another mal lol

Found a shop that provided many cute stuffs, aw :S 

Stopped by at Orchard Point Department Store, psst I was happily playing with this doll lol

Tired, we bought some refreshments :D

Old Chang-Kee, oily foods would be a tasty companion lol

Bweee to my sis!

Daddy! He -see his hand- still smoking though pack of cigarette there was incredibly expensive

Three of us :D Damn it, my hair again *slap forehead*

Still walking around till night buahaha 

Orchard Rd was fulfilled with awesome decoration at night, thumbs up :) 

Day 2 - 24th of December 2010

Started our day with Kaya Toast and coffee :) 

My Dad, siblings, and me were going to Esplanade :)

I have few relations who live in SG. So, we visited Esplanade accompanied by I Lien jie-jie, Sien-Sien, and A Hui -- also their Papa, A Chiau suk-suk.

Daddy with A Chiau suk-suk :D

Inside Esplanade which also fulfilled with Christmas decoration :) 

Amazing view of SG and Merlion beside Esplanade building

Treats! All kiddos got cotton-candy and cup of corn :D

Selfcam ha ha ha

Stopped by at City Hall for lunch ;D

We also visited Chinatown by MRT then went back to hotel when A Chiau suk-suk left with his kids. Probably few hours after that, we were out again to Orchard Rd to celebrate Christmas Eve.

They chose a seafood stall, however I just saw them and did nothing, how I hate seafood 

Orchard Rd was undoubtedly crowded!

But the decoration amazed me though ;)

Another nice display ;)

Despite of many choices of nice display, I chose to posed with a..., sheep?

Popo alias Gram :)

What kind of pose?:S

Cute pose lol

Peace pose ^^v

Because it was so crowded there, my Ma, Gram, and lil bro returned back to hotel. Dad, Chelsea, and me just walking around, this time we tried another direction to Dhoby Ghaut :) No disappointment, along the road they put many colorful lanterns above the trees.

Drinking a Cola first :D

As far as I saw, all lanterns :P

In front of the Plaza Singapore :)

Superb Christmas tree near Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

Day 3 - 25th of December 2010

Merry Christmas ho ho ho *santa mode* Nothing special for this Christmas. Aside of Christmas celebration at the Singaporean church, we visited Singapore Flyer with A Chiau suk-suk's family :)

Welcome ;D

The capsule ;D Total IDR 700.000 paid for only my family (Dad, siblings, me)

Inside the capsule which we spent 30 minutes to look around the view of SG

Me :D

Chelsea's double peaces :D

With Lu I jie-jie (she didn't come with us to Esplanade yesterday), yes folks, she's 4 years older than me, however I tall like giraffe

I Lien jie-jie, me, Lu I jie-jie, Sien-Sien

Thumbs-up for the view :)

All of us :D

Then, we went to Bugis by bus. Lu I jie-jie was with me to Bugis Junction Mal (we didn't allow ourselves to go to the Bugis market, it was awesomely hot and crowded, but rest of them didn't mind as long as they able to shopping). I bought 1 school bag for SGD 48 before lunch time :)

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12 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

相信自己! 加油!

Alice Law mengatakan...

Ohhh, such a great outing, it seems you had a good time 'makan'(eat) around the Singapore!

I have been to Sing a few times but yet got to try its flyer, lucky you!

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Yeahhh, but SG foods were a bit 'tasteless' for Indonesian tongue hahaha

Why don't u try? Should try lah haha it's really good to see such a few ^0^


well, I can't read chinese :S but thanks for visiting my blog :)

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

welcome back :) Singapore is so much fun especially when you are there with your family huh? can't wait to read your next post.

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Barb,

Aw thanks ;D Yeah so fun to have a great vacay with our beloved one ;) SG was a really good place to visit for New Year and Christmas, I could say ;D

Small Kucing mengatakan...

wow...what a fun holiday. Hmm...long time I didnt go for a holiday to Singapore.

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Hey, welcome back! You had such a great time in Singapore. Nice holiday with your family. We were supposed to go there from 27-29th too but I cancelled the holiday last minute cos too lazy to travel so far when Chloe is about to start school soon.

Chloe loves to play with the Baby Alive doll too hehe :)

Angie mengatakan...


Yeah indeed it was a fun holiday ;D
Why so lazy to go ah? It'll be fun to have a vacation ;)

Chloe Mummy,

Aww Chloe loves to play with it? You know, I want to buy unfortunately not proper age to play that kind of doll lol
Why canceled it? It was really great in SG during Xmas period, Orchard Rd was awesome xD But yeah, school already started in Malay yah, I still have 1 week holiday :)

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Happy New Year to you, Angie! I miss my siblings in SG. I have 3 brothers and my younger sis are staying there now. Glad to know you had a fun and great trip in SG. I still think Msian food is better than SG..haha.

Angie mengatakan...

Mummy Gwen,

Oh do you have siblings live there? Yes, I'm sure you must miss them but Malay is not far away from SG right hehe.Yeah indeed, I know only nasi lemak lol I rarely find Msian food here but I don't know if Msian food have similarity with Indon food...

yvonne mengatakan...

Welcome back, Angie~

I'm superb busy at work during this new year. Hardly have the time to read blogs.... Anyway, love your entry on x'mas decorations in SG.

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Wow, you celebrated your Christmas in S'pore. S'pore has the best Chritsmas spirit and decor. You lucky devil, Angie.

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