Senin, 24 Januari 2011

I Have Nothing To Lose, Except One

This post is about my MGMP English Contest last Sunday. I woke up late, I still thought about 'oh-if-only-I-can-absent', and I wore a uniform with a pair of sandals to perform in that contest (Call me insane!?). But, here I should emphasize you all that, I'm not a type of child who love to be preoccupied with any various type of contests.

My speech script, which I made by myself

We went to the contest location (a government school) with this school bus

Between 30++ participants who joined speech section, I got number 26

Another representative from my school for speech section, Nadia :)

Another representatives, there were 24 people from my school through grade 7-9

Grace, Me, and Michelle

Nadia got 16th turn, so she performed before me, she's awesome!

Mine, Nadia took this pic

Time for honesty, I don't remember what I said during my speech :D I don't even remember the script I've made before. When it came to my turn, I walked to the front calmly without any expression or nervousness, I barely know what kind of feeling which dominated my mind at that time. I only recognized it as a 'semi-conscious' condition that I seldom experience, except in my meditation session (I meditate with brainwave music sometimes). And when I fully came from my semi-consciousness, my speech ended. I almost laugh that time, my mind was like 'What the heck I was talking about for my speech?'. No matter how hard I tried, I never remember -- until now -- my words in that speech lol. Today, I was told that I don't passed the contest, but it's okay, I have nothing to loss. Besides, this contest wasn't my desire and I've done my best. If only, I passed, I should face another stressing week (make a script all over again, practice it every night, sacrifice my Sunday, think about it in between my school tasks that weighty enough without addition of a contest). Even though, it's all a pure honest confession from me, I admit that I'm a bit disappointed too! Because I have one thing that I lost..., I lost a chance to make my parents proud of me, and that's a big matter :(

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mommy to chumsy mengatakan...

don't feel bad. it's not a matter of winning and losing. most importantly, you took part and was brave to stand in front of the class and gave the speech. well done.

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Take this as a valueble experience and exposure. You can always improve from there, right?

Yvonne mengatakan...

You had tried your best and made your parents proud of you. It's all that matter :)

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

I think you did great. I'm scared of public speaking. :( More practice and you will turn out to be one the best speakers one day. :) Your school uniform is very pretty.

Angie mengatakan...

@Aunty Barb,

Yeah I know about it. I should be better next time hahaha thanks a lot Aunty ^^

@Aunty Yan,

Yes, I kept this experience as my treasure. Hope I'll always improve my skill as u said ^^ Should put more hardwork next time haha

@Aunty Yvonne,

Aw thanks ^^ I told myself so, but I admit that I'm a bit ambitious as a child who purposely want to make her parents proud :P

@Mummy Gwen,

Oh most people do :( Yesss, I should put more efforts for next time hahaha yes, I love my uniform too, only few months remain before I change uniform from my new school :(

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Consider yourself brave for taking part in the contest. At least you've tried your best. Auntie was super afraid of giving speeches like that too, even until now! And I won't even dare to take part in such contests.

Alice Law mengatakan...

LOL, 26 is auntie's lucky number leh! Well, at least we could have a great time with your schoolmates when you took part in this competition.

Auntie too was regret didn't do the best for my English speech competition(when I was in my high school) since it wasn't my desire to participate too... sort of feeling loss of not putting effort on it!:)

Angie mengatakan...

Chloe Mummy,

I would be braver in front of my classmates. My classmates recommended me for this contest to the teacher because they saw me good at speech (when I was with them), but another matter if I with strangers haha...

Aunty Alice,

Yes you're totally right! That wasn't my desire at all. My only desire was just to make my parents proud of me hahaha Maybe I should search another way to make them proud right?:D
26 is your lucky number? Wow haha I never have lucky number till now :-/

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