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Singapore, 30th of December 2010-3th of January 2011

Day 8 - 30th of December 2010

From Marina Bay Sands Hotel, we moved to Concorde Hotel on Orchard Rd --again--. The hotel was so-so, but still OK. 

Concorde Hotel was nearby with Grand Central Hotel :)

In fact, we didn't really do anything on this day except walking through Orchard Rd. So, I have none to tell about our 8th day. 

Day 9 - 31th of December 2010

Last day of 2010 happened to be so normal for me (except a thankful feeling to God that He still gives me chance to live until now). We specially visited Wisma Atria Mal to hunt for Sour Sally Yogurt. Yes, folks, I really love yogurt. I couldn't stand to pass another day without yogurt :(

Mwah to Sally *kisses*, glad to found Sour Sally in SG

Also stopped by at Takashimaya to buy book *drooling*

What y'all did on New Year Eve? I accompanied my Gram inside our hotel room while I was reading at the same time. Whereas rests of my family went out to Hotel Lobby to rock on -- Concorde Hotel held a New Year Party. Sounds weird or not for me to spent New Year in this kind of way? I just love what I did, I was so peacefully quite that time with a book on my lap. Even though I didn't join a gala party, I felt no need such thing. The most important for me about New Year wasn't a party, but only simple matter, a happy and thankful heart. Hence, I content enough to just read a book and said 'Thank God, for this new year'.

I bought this from Kinokuniya, Takashimaya. Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas, I gave 5 stars!

The party held at main lobby, it was so crowded plus noisy, few people even got drunk

Balloooooooooooons :D my siblings took 3 balloons 

Happy New 2011 Year :D

Day 9 - 1th of January 2011

We moved to Meritus Mandarin Orchard on our 9th day. Meritus Mandarin located close to Takashimaya -- which was good, cause I would be able to often visit Kinokuniya Bookstore. 

On the last days we stayed in SG, I was getting lazy to take pictures ha ha ha

There was a huge window corner inside our room at Meritus Mandarin, I loved to sit there with my book and cup of hot Milo as companion :)

Oh, don't forget that we got guests, Ako A Chen and Ako A Mei -- another relations who live in SG. Ako A Mei also brought her husband and her cutie son, Ryan. Last time I visited SG, I was staying with Ako A Mei at her cozy condominium :)

Horray! Got a present, how everybody know I heart chocolate <3

Day 10 - 2th of January 2011

2th of January happened to be Sunday. Time for church. We went to a church at Hyatt Hotel. It was a Singaporean church and they were using Chinese language. I was so doomed there, my jaw was dropping for one and half hour cause I barely know a thing. Yes folks, I admit truthfully, I can't speak Chinese language -- at least I'm able a bit Hokkian. Merely because I'm Chinese, but that doesn't mean I have enough strength to face Chinese language -- it's crazily hard. Instead, I swerved into Korean language. Yes, I heart Korean language, I'm able to either speak/read/write Korean language.

Better thing, I was alive after that muahaha

I also went to Kinokuniya bookstore to buy some books in the evening with Lu I jie-jie companion. We were there for almost 2 full hours. My Dad gave me SGD 75 to freely choose my favorites inside the bookstore. I spent SGD 68 and rests of the money, I bought a new earphone.

All books that I brought from SG, I finished 3 already x)

Day 11 - 3th of January 2011

Our last day! Time to say good-bye to SG. We got an evening flight, around 5 PM. But we arrived at Changi International Airport earlier. So we just walking around there after finished our GST (Goods and Services Tax for tourist) refund.

Caught up a late breakfast before go to Changi :)

This Korean spoon set I bought for SGD 19 after breakfast

We went to airport with Alphard Taxi and the driver (who also Chinese) asked why I can't speak Chinese? I said, I have no interest at all with Chinese language *paiseh*

Changi International Airport :)

Stopped by at Spinelli Cafe and bought some beverages and cakes :D

Also visited Harrods, just to take a pic with Uncle Bear xD

Our airplane was Batavia Air, the same airline like when we first came

We reached Jakarta at 6 PM (based on Indonesian time). Bye-bye SG, bye-bye vacation, welcome back my daily life! :)

11 komentar:

yvonne mengatakan...

Wow~ that summarized your stays in SG. I can tell that you really into books and chocolates :)

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Your mom looked more like your sis, please convey my message to you. She is so well-preserved.

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yvonne,

Yeah this is the final post about my vacay. Yes, you're totally right, book was my first boyfriend. I enjoy them since I was little kid until now ^^

Aunty Yan,

Aunty, I told my Mum once, but she couldn't believe it LOL she protests a lot about her look and body, but I just agree with you, she's so well-preserved (not bcoz she's my Mum, this is honesty too from me muahaha)

Alice Law mengatakan...

LOL, how auntie wishes auntie can have more time to indulge in books... since auntie had made used most of the 'me time' for blogging and blog hopping!

Ok lar, let auntie make a new year resolution here... I'll try to spend at least on night a week stay away from PC and dig into my favourite book, no... let's start with one month once, erm... how about 2 months once?!! Kiahahaha!(just kidding)

It's good to learn some Chinese too, foreseeing China will be taking over the world economy!^-^

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Muahahahaa nooo, one or two months? that's way too long, I will miss you and little sprouts if you want to hiatus just to indulge into books hahaha..

Yeah, my Dad said so! I really should learn Chinese. Oh, well, I tried liao, but what was the results? Still stay same here, I can't even remember few easy characters after half year joined Chinese club. Gee -.-

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Angie, what an awesome holiday you had in SG. You are one lucky gal. :) Can see you come from a well to do family. I don't think I have the chance to stay at those luxurious hotels you stayed while in SG...haha.

Can your parents speak Chinese? My Hubby can't speak Chinese too.

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

oh such a lovely time in Singapore. you are really such a good girl...instead of splurging the money on clothes, you bought yourself so many books. i hope ashley would grow up to love books as much as you do. that would make me a very happy mom :)

eugene mengatakan...

angie angie, please go and learn chinese, very fun one,,,,,you know

eugene mengatakan...

by the way uncle eugene wishes you a great week aheaad... say hi to your papa and mama for me,will ya

Angie mengatakan...

Mummy Gwen,

Haha thanks! I believe you will experience it someday. Oh your hubby can't speak Chinese too? My parents do speak Chinese, my sister as well, but me and my brother can't =="

Aunty Barb,

I guess you yourself is a book lover right haha ^^ Thanks for a lovely compliment. Yeah, books are satisfying my hunger haha ;D I think Ashley will love books if you start it as her habit from now ^^

Uncle Eugene,

I tried ah! But still no improvement. Maybe because I don't like it :(( Yeah of course I will tell my parents! You have a nice day ya. GBU ^^

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Such a nice vacation you had there... staying in beautiful hotels, eating nice food, and pampering yourself with so many books! Same like you, I also prefer to stay at home on New Year's eve and enjoy the peace and quiet :)

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