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I was so busy during these days. Many things happened. Many tasks came. Many tests are waiting. But..., I still happily did my routine today with a cheerful manner. Thanks God for that :) Oh, anyway, Book-Week started from this day until 20 January on my school. This year theme is TWIST (Tune in Wonderful Inspiring Story) and our main story is Oliver Twist (last year we got Three Cups of Tea). What is Book-Week?

We usually have Silent Suspense Reading time for 15 minutes, but on Book-Week occasion we should read at total 30 minutes per day!

I used this book for TWIST time, a historical romance by Johanna Lindsey

A few famous book-stores (for example, Times and Paperback) also participated, so there were a few stalls at the main chapel of our school. I'm so happy to see many books inside but I should save my money since Dad will go for business trip tomorrow. He left money to me and Chelsea, because our Mama is so pelit wor, stingy! (I don't lie, may ask all people here). Anyway, school is getting heavier now since grade 9 will have national exams from government by the end of April. And the material is hella awesome, so many, should learn through grade 7-9 books all over again (the matter is, not just for 1 subject, but for the whole subjects.)

Few handouts

And do you remember about yearbook illustration? I finished it last Saturday after passed long hours of re-drawing. I also done with my Oliver Twist script tonight. And I ever told you about MGMP English Competition, didn't I? So, finally, I will go as one of school representative for that contest (I got speech section, not writing as I mentioned before). MGMP will be held on Monday, 22 January 2011. But, that isn't the thing that I really concerned, I instead nervous about Violin test for next Tuesday.

We received a new material by last week and we will face a test directly next week

Yearbook illustration sketch, I'll use a thicker pencil before scan it

Oh, I also found this old drawing ha ha ha :D

By the way, on our last Saturday outing, I bought a magazine before we watched Faster at the cinema. But this magazine made me way too excited he he he... Why was that?

Wanna take a guess? Which part made me excited? lol

This one enough to give you all a clue :P

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pheRo mengatakan...

Wahauwww... Prepare well for the UAN as well as the MGMP competition..

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Angie, you really like Boy Before Flowers. I like too, but I like Meteor Garden from Taiwan more. May be it was my generation. Anyway Lee Ming Ho is very attractive, but I like Ju Ji Hoon more.

Alice Law mengatakan...

All the best for your MGMP English Competition and violin test!

LOL, auntie doesn't know many of the Korean actor and actresses, so have no clue nor comment for that. These days auntie only got to watch cartoon and kids programme with Juan Juan, so embarrassing~!>_<

Good luck ya!

Alice Law mengatakan...

Nice sketch and drawing Angie(yearbook and the portrait)!

Yvonne mengatakan...

I remember when I was your age, I liked collecting all pin-ups and posters of my favourite idols. I would then stick them all on my bedroom's wall and admired them every night before dozed off. I spent quite a lot buying magazines and biographies. The only different from yours is, KPop and JPop are not a big hit then :(

Ahem, ahem... I still prefer Asian to Western celebrities.

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Good Luck in your upcoming tests ya. I don't really watch Korean dramas now..I used to before. So I'm really outdated..haha. Surprisingly here in JKT some ppl thought I'm Korean. -_-

Small Kucing mengatakan...

Saw your comment regarding the Billionaire book in my blog. If you are interested, do registered at booksneeze.com. You just need to registered with then, request a book, read it, do a review in your blog + at a commercial website(amazon etc) and you get to keep the book.

Am not sure what is your religion but the books there are mostly christian books but occassionally they have fiction like the one I just read.

Angie mengatakan...


Yeah! Thanks for that ;D Will do my best here :)

@Aunty Yan,

Yes! I really like BBF hahaha I like it for 1 and half years now, I never watch Meteor Garden actually, I just watched a few episodes of it lol

@Aunty Alice,

Thanks Aunty Alice ^0^ Don't worry , I also like to accompany my siblings while they're watching cartoon and kids program lol

@Aunty Yvonne,

I don't stick it in my wall. Why? Because once my Mum threw my Harry Potter poster that I hung in the wall to the bin right away without me know about it ==" And just same like ya, I spent lot of money for my BBF collection hahaha I have my own cupboard for it :PP

@Mummy Gwen,

Thank you :D Hahaha I'm a bit outdated too about Korean dramas now, I just focus on my Korean language lesson plus now I teach few people via online. Indeed, you and Gwen look like Korean, seriously!! hahaha ;D


Thanks for the info ya! I'm a Christian here ^0^ I already visited the website, I'll join later ;D Good to know they have many Christian books!!!

Laila fitri mengatakan...

monnyooong :)) itu bedcover mu yg lebah lebah itu sama ama punyaku :PP

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

Waaahhh...everyone is into korean dramas these days because of the handsome actors. i haven't watched any at all. i wonder if i'll be hooked :D

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