Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Baby Brother Turned Seven

Sergio turned 7 last Sunday! Though he's the only son, but he either is the only one who never have a big celebration for his birthday party (Chelsea and me experienced a big celebration of our birthday party for a few times). Usually we just have a small family event for Sergio's birthday. But he got a really oh-made-sisters-jealous present. As he wished before, my Dad bought him a new game console, latest edition of Wii. Oh well, I tried to play it a few times every-time he's sleeping. He tends to have no amiable behavior toward his sisters, he wouldn't share his latest precious treasure with us anyway. Boys! :S

We have too many game consoles at our home, welcome to our family, Wii

Had a wonderful luncheon at XO Suki

Birthday guy :)

Waiting for our meals

Shabu-shabu, I don't like seafood as everybody knew, so I only ate tofu with chicken broth

A tasty dessert, Cocktail Pudding with peaches. I LOVE peach like crazy!

Sergio with his ice-cream cake :)

With Mama :)

With his beloved Aunty, Sergio admires Aunty Carenina so much :D~

Left to right, Alfredo, Sergio, and Chelsea :)

And me? I was busy, babysitting Justin who visited us to join Sergio's birthday

Justin didn't want to drink his milk, he was so sleepy

Baby Justin is Aunty Carenina's nephew. He's lovable :)

Only out from bedroom to eat the cake muahaha

My baby brother is no longer a baby. Me and him have a quite age gap, 8 years difference. I don't know why, maybe because of that, he respects me more than anyone at our home. He tries to impress my eyes a lot, I don't merely like kids, I'm a loner, so he often get a little difficulties towards me. But I'm the only one who capable to cope with his tantrum, my parents couldn't quite understand his manners. He's a complicated little guy. Even sometimes he's annoying, but that's why we called them kids. They can be nice and annoying at the same time. Though Sergio had complicated personality to handle, but he's a genius (I don't say this because he's my brother). He often easily achieves extraordinary scores in his school without any hard work, he's lazy and play a lot folks! I'm so proud of him, aside from his annoying manners, I love him :) Happy birthday, Sergio! Jie-jie wishes all the best for you.


Guess who? My newest drawing, spent 15 minutes to draw this.

I was drawing and writing a notes at the same time. Where I drew this? Class :P

Oh well, do you remember Irene's blog giveaway? I won folks xD

And do you remember this crystal? I don't know why it turned out so 'short' :S

Anyway, my school started on last Monday. Back to routine! Holiday was over, sobbing :'( I got a slight headache for the first day of school. I was quite sick. But now I'm okay. And I'm still thinking about my story deadline, do I ever tell you that I'm an online author since I was 13?

8 komentar:

Small Kucing mengatakan...

small family celebration can v=be very good. Not as hectic and more relaxing.

Happy Belated Birthday to your bro

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Your brother is 3 months elder than April. He is cute. The guy in your drawings is Kim Hyun Joong.

Alice Law mengatakan...

Congratulation on your winning! I didn't know you are an online author leh, you should put up the link so that auntie can pay you some visit!;D

Happy belated Birthday to you lil bro, his cake was beautiful! Wii for Birthday present, man... now I'm positive that your family are quite 'loaded', lol!^-^

Keep well and have a nice day!

yvonne mengatakan...

Happy belated birthday to your brother! He looks quite mature for his age, I mean he's one year older than Avery. My girl is like a 4 year old brat, always throwing her tantrums.

And you won that beautiful bag from Irenes'? Wow, congratulation!

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Happy belated to your little brother. You are really, really good in drawing/sketching! I admire your talent a lot :) And you write very well too. Being an online author is a good start. Is your ambition to be a writer next time? Hehe..

Mommy to Chumsy mengatakan...

happy belated birthday to your brother. his cake sure looks yummy. congrats on winning the giveaway :) hey, i like your drawings :D

eugene mengatakan...

Sorry, Angie, uncle eugene sikit busy lah, baru sempat datang lawat,,,,

hey i like your brother's name sergio........

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Happy Belated Birthday To Your Lil Brother! You are really talented in drawing. Congrats on your winning, dear.

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