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Singapore, 28-29th of December 2010

Day 6 - 28th of December 2010

Today, we said 'Good-bye' to Hard Rock Hotel and moved to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Before we go to SG, I personally requested my Dad to try to stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel which he finally did book a room for 3 days 2 night. I was so glad! Many thanks to him :)

The 'whoa huge' lobby, so crowded there :)

Marina Bay Sands miniature x)

The room, smaller than our room at Hard Rock Hotel but still OK

We all were having rest during afternoon, in the evening my Dad went to Casino with his friend (I forget his name). Kids were going to food-court downstairs to eat supper with Ma. Oh, Gram gone to Johor with Ako A Chen (one of our relation who live in SG) since morning.

Huge foodcourt with various Asian food, there was a medium-size iceskating rink too

Treats! Each kid got one cup of Cold Rock ice cream after supper :)

Mine was pure chocolate flavor with Mini M&M topping added :D

Chelsea chose her favorite cookies and cream flavor with oreo topping added x)

My Ma and lil bro probably chose 'oh not tasty' flavor. Ma mixed chocolate with mango (?), no wonder it taste a bit yuck. And Sergio, he took a bitter wafer to be added to his plain vanilla. Poor them, that's why folks, don't try to mixed something weird and unusual, unless you love bizarre things :S

The casino :)

Victims of bizarre ice cream were smiling back to normal after a few complains xD 

Day 7 - 29th of December 2010

Started my day with a beautiful few, hot cup of Milo, and book :)

On this 7th day, we spent many times at Skypark. Do you know what is Skypark? 

Tadaaa! A swimming pool plus park plus cafes on the 57th floor :)

There were a few jacuzzis at the park :) 

Posing first :)

We were playing with bubbles :O I felt like a..., kid? :P

Go..., go..., I want to play!

My Ma, cheese! *Ignore the blackish behind her 8)*

Brrr, so cold! :( We swam for a while before gave up over the coldness

Instead, the only boy was still excited to swim and swim

In the evening, we were walking around Marina Bay Sands mal downstairs. Not so long after that, we met A Chiau suk-suk's family again. All kids were so happy together with their own favorite partner (Lu I jie-jie, the eldest daughter on their family, was like a sticking glue with me. Chelsea was comfortable for I Lien jie-jie companion. And Sergio was with Sien-Sien and A Hui, playing with their own PSP.)

Shopping for some treats first :)

Visited Skypark once again, caught up this amazing view x)

There was a long canal for sampan ride 

A Hui and Sergio x) 

Chelsea and Sergio outside Ferrari Store :)

My Ma, I didn't know what she bought from Ferrari (?)

Me :)

Chelsea with Sien-Sien outside Harley Store :)

Everyone was busy with their own business inside room after a tiring walk around mal :D

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6 komentar:

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

The hotel pool is so wonderful, I love it. Marina Bay is really a nice hotel. Your Ma is so beautiful, lol on the sexy blackish at her background.

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

LOL on the bizzare ice-cream :D You described that really well.

Marina Bay Sands is one of the "to stay" hotels in Auntie's list too ;) Very nice!! Love the infinity pool.

yvonne mengatakan...

Marina Bay Sands is so beautiful and luxury to stay in. The pool is huge and elegant... I noticed it's the same pool I watched on the Amazing Race Asia 4 :)
(I like Natasha and Hussien from Indonesia, too bad they were the 2nd runner only)

I lol at the bizzare ice cream both your mom and bro had. Very funny~

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yan,

Yeah I also love it!!^^ Too bad it was so cold when I was there due to the weather.
Muahahaha, I was laughing every time I see that pic LOL

Chloe Mummy,

Muahaha yeah so bizarre both of that ice cream :S
Yeah!! You must stay there, I bet Chloe will be so happy to swim in that infinity pool, I wonder if she likes to swim?^^

Aunty Yvonne,

Oh really? I don't watch Amazing Race hahaha Yeah so agree with you, the pool was amazing, I really love the view and all <3

Pete mengatakan...

Beautiful hotel. Love the pool!

Angie mengatakan...


Hi thanks for visiting my blog. Indeed, I agree with you, I love the hotel and pool too :)

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