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Singapore, 26-27th of December 2010

Day 4 - 26th of December 2010

Time to move! We move from Grand Central Hotel to Hard Rock Hotel on Resort World Sentosa. I was a bit surprised when I saw Sentosa, last time I went to Sentosa around 2 years ago, it was still just a vacant land. But now, Sentosa was an amazing place to be visited. Anyway, Hard Rock Sentosa happened to be a new hotel in SG as far as I know. It was a pleasant time to stayed there, I love this hotel the most :)

A dark-theme lobby :)

The room with 2 balconies, 2 beds plus 1 extra bed, and 1 bathroom. Satisfying! 

We had our lunch directly after we arrived :D

I ordered a Yang Chow fried rice, tastes so-so but foods there were expensive!:S

I was having my nap time after luncheon. One hours already passed by, when A Chiau suk-suk's family came. Of course, I woke up, I hardly slept in front of many people. They decided they would walk around Sentosa (also to go to Casino) whereas I refused to go with them. So, with Lu I jie-jie and Chelsea companion, we three chose to stay inside bedroom. We were having a great time together, chattering about many stuffs :) Anyway, after all people came back in the evening, they told we would watch 'Song of The Sea'. Hence, we headed for supper and rushed back to Sentosa to watch it :D

I had my supper here, I ordered -once again- fried rice, it was totally delicious x) 

Song of The Sea, first time for me watching it :) Thumbs up! 

It was actually a fan that he bought from Song of The Sea Souvenir Stall and pitifully broken not so long after that! Boys *slap forehead*

We also visited Lake of Dreams before our 4th day ended :)

Day 5 - 27th of December 2010

 I remember, 27th December was Monday, time to visit Universal Studio! I will let my pictures do the talk :)

This big ball of Universal, A Hui said it would be spinning around lunch time?:S

 The first attraction I visited, I didn't know the name, it was like behind the scene of filmmaking and sound effects

Then watching a breakdance performance :D

This was the biggest roller-coaster on Universal but it was closed?! :S

Far-Far Away castle, we watched Shrek 4D inside :D

Random photos of me :D

We had our lunch at Goldilocks Fried Chicken, mash potato they sold was amazing! 

Inside Goldilocks :)

We also visited Waterworld attraction 

Great setting huh? xD

'Flying' roller-coaster, waiting for 1 hour long before got the chance to play :(

I love Madagascar <3

Hall of fake fame :P

One stall sell Oscar nomination? :S

Bought this bottle for SGD 11, cute! My siblings each had one but they lost it somewhere zzz

My lil brother was so exhausted, he was making a fuss and rejected to be photographed :(

2 photos, that's all what we got from him after a few persuasion from me

Chelsea and me :)

There was a huge Candy and Chocolate shop outside Universal Studio, they put many cute displays so we also took some pictures there :D


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10 komentar:

ChloeRuoyi mengatakan...

Hard Rock Hotel is sooooo cool :) Aunty has never been to Sentosa island yet. Universal Studios look interesting too. OK, must make sure I don't cancel anymore trips to SG hehe.

yvonne mengatakan...

Universal Studio is one of the main attractions in SG nowadays.... I wish to pay that place a visit too :) Thanks for sharing those great photo inside the park. I have a rough idea now... I think I should plan a trip there soon.

Small Kucing mengatakan...

looks like i have to go over to Sg soon.

Angie mengatakan...

Chloe Mummy,

Yeah so agree with you, Hard Rock hotel is indeed cool, love it xD Yeah, Chloe must like it there, many great decoration but actually the rides were less interesting for adult. Yeeaaah don't cancel ur trip again leh haha ;D

Aunty Yvonne,

Yes, you're totally right, many people go to SG to see USS. You should visit one day, they have a great decoration inside and outside USS ;D Do plan a trip Aunty and go to Sentosa *also Marina Bay Sands ;D


Hahaha yeah it'll be great to have a trip there with your family, I believe ^^

Alice Law mengatakan...

We have yet been to Water world, it was under renovation the time we went there! Juan Juan missed sentosa island so much, I should show her the beautiful pictures you captured on your post!^-^

Keep well and have more fun!

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

We didn't watch Song Of The Sea when we at Sentosa. I haven't been to Universal Studios yet. I heard there's nothing much to see..hehe.

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Alice,

Oh really, that was bad, cause Waterworld was one of the satisfying thing to see inside USS. Muahaha maybe Juan-juan will be asking you to go to Sentosa island again after seeing my pictures lol

Mummy Gwen,

Indeed, you right, nothing much to see. I didn't quite satisfy though with the rides. But I like the decoration inside, good place to capture this and that lol

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

So much fun in Universal Studio. I am thinking of binging my kids there too, don't know when this dream will come true, but your parents have made yours come true.

Angie mengatakan...

Aunty Yan,

Still busy Aunty? Take care your health and don't take too much pressure on yourself ya, I wish all the best for you :)
Take your time, USS won't go anywhere hehehe I believe you will totally bring May and April there later ^.~

pheRo mengatakan...

Angie angie angie...

this blog is truly inspiring..

And one more,
"reading anywhere anytime, huh"

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