Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Movie Piranha

Yesterday night, my Dad, my little brother and sister, with me went to mal. Just our daily ritual, go to mal every weekend (my Ma usually don't come with us). First, they ate at Hoka-Hoka Bento (Japanese Fast Food) and because I already had a supper at my home, so I walked around by myself while waiting for them. I decided to buy a magazine and ordered Sour Sally yoghurt.

Teen Magazine and Sour Sally Frozen Yoghurt

I really like Sour Sally, I normally choose original flavor (it's the most sour flavor which I love it). My favorite toppings are mochi, peach, and sometime choco chips. Too bad when I bought it last night, they ran out all of mochis ;( So I replaced mochi with choco chips and of course triple peach toppings. Yoghurt is really healthy for our digestion and I'm glad besides healthy it's delicious too...:D I rarely see delicious plus healthy food these days, too bad ah!

We finished with our food then time to go to the cinema :) At first, I wasn't really sure what to watch, between Life As We Know It or Piranha 3D.

Life As We Know It starring Katherine Heighl and Josh Duhamel with cute baby

Piranha 3D shows it's teeth...rarrr ;p

Honestly I wanted to watch Life As We Know It (since there is a cute baby he he he) but I was afraid that Dad would be bored with it. So we picked Piranha 3D as 'this week' movie. 

 Me, My Lil' Sis, My Lil' Bro at Cinema

When my Dad bought the tickets, he got a warning that Piranha 3D is an adult movie. He thought 'adult' means 'creepy' or 'shocking' so he just said it's okay (He doesn't want us his kids to be scared easily by something fake like movie scene). Whereas I expected maybe there would be some adult scenes after all, but I remind silent. When the movie stared, it DID creepy, too creepy for children (not for me), my lil' sis however, she cried in fear. So Dad brought my lil' sis out of the cinema, he left me and my lil' bro, two of us kept watching it like nothing just happened (becuase we love movies ;D). Well, I should say that I was pretty amazed of him, my lil' bro, he was so brave to watched until the end of movie since he's 6 YO and I admit that Piranha 3D is not a kind of movie that even adults would be brave enough to watch it. Please if you have a child below 17 YO, don't take them to watch Piranha, it's creepy and contains many adult scene, even me and my lil' bro closed our eyes over and over again.

Oh, the mal held a 'midnight sale event' last night, everything were on sale. Big sale up to 70%. I wanted to buy things actually (Like new minus glasses, Simpsons Bag was on 70% sale, all books were 20% sale, Teen Cool clothes were on 20-50% sale). Too bad, my Dad brought us home directly. Sigh. Midnight sale is something rare, too good to be passed.

Okay, will update again soon, I want to go to church now and after that we will have another family bonding (without my Ma once again, she has her own business). Happy Sunday!

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