Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010


Just back from placement test in Tunas Muda.

I'm so upset! The English test was easy for me, but the Mathematics test, don't ask!?

I feel like I'll be DIE in no time when I see Mathematics questions, because Mathematics subject is always HARD for me. I'm so DIE HARD...

I don't know why Mathematics tastes terrible for me ever since I entered junior high school. When I was in secondary years, my Mathematics scores were awesome, but I have no idea what happened with my brain after that. I thought maybe I should push my brain to 'eat' more Mathematics to save my scores. And I wish to love Mathematics more, like when I was in secondary years. I want to solve this problem, because Mathematics is the only subject which need a serious improvement. Sigh.
Few hours ago, I discussed this problem with my Ma. I became more aware with my Mathematics since I couldn't accomplish almost all questions in the test. That was insane. I consider myself to take a Kumon lesson again (I joined Kumon during secondary years). I believe I should train my brain with Mathematics more, so I can get used to it. And the most important is to bring 'Love Mathematics feeling' back to me and minimize fear of Mathematics.

Kumon's logo

Hope will solve this problem as soon as possible, I can't hate Mathematics any longer. :) And I pray, even my Mathematics such a chaos, I hope Tunas Muda will accept me as their student, because I have so many talents outside of Mathematics. Sometime I even wonder, why people should measure someone's intellegence by Mathematics whereas actually all human being have 8 intellegence, just so unfair lah! ;( Not all people capable in Mathematics kan!? Sobs... Plus, I replied a wrong answer to Mrs.Frances (Head of School) when she interviewed me, I supposed to say that Alfian is my cousin not my sibling. Aiyo, such a mess today...

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