Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Student's Progress Report and Placement Test

My first post :D I hope I will be faithful writing this journal for next few years! Well, I made this blog so that I can write daily record of my life. Okay, I think that's enough.

Start with today, Student's Progress Report day in my school. So, my Dad and me went together to my school this morning and took my progress report for quarter one. Actually my Ma planned to go with me but too bad, she was sick ,I pray for her health ;(

General strength during learning process: I have a good motivation so I'm able to finish my tasks well. And I have a good concepts understanding and often ask critical questions.

Weakness during learning process: My homeroom teacher said that I rarely mingle with my friends because I always engross with my own world, reading books *sigh*

My marks, not too bad lah!

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a placement test in my new (future) school ;)

Tunas Muda International School with International Baccalaureate Curriculum

Well, I'm quite interested to international school (next year I'll be high school student :D), so I told my Ma to buy registration form from some international schools in Jakarta. My final decision was between Tunas Muda or Pelita Harapan School. Both have an International Baccalaureate curriculum that I want. After a long consideration of prices and school distance, I chose Tunas Muda. And here we go, I will have a placement test tomorrow in Tunas Muda so wish me luck ya! :) 

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