Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Without Him

I was chatting with my Sonsaengnim via Blackberry Messenger back then, I found a quite shocking realization that I never recognized before.

Ssm: 백화점 가요? (Go to the mal?)
Me: 안가, 아빠 없어! (Not go, Daddy isn't around!
Ssm: 슬퍼하지마,그냥 백화점 동생이랑 가, Strabucks 가보자! (Don't be sad, just go with your siblings, try to go to Starbucks too!)
Me: 아빠 없으면, 어딜가든,행복수없어! (If there's no Daddy, wherever I go, I can't be happy!

That's true, what I said in the last line, I wasn't really think if I could answered her with that kind of reply. You know, I just found it was so right. Every week I go to the mal with Daddy, I always think I'm happy cause of the outings, cause he allows me to buy bunch of new books, cause he takes me to the cinema, cause he buys me treats that I like. But today, without him besides me and I did exactly the same outing rituals, I felt totally hubbub. And with what I said to my Sonsaengnim before, I realized, it's not about the outing that we do every week that make me happy, but it's because of his existence around me. It's because of him, his smiles, his warmth, his affection that really matter for me all of this time, yet I never realize until this day came. Ha! How fool of me :'( I really wanna hug him tight when he come home next Monday and show how much I love him.


Okay now, it has been while since my last post, how're you doing? I was quite busy with school stuffs and I've been a total slacker, so I didn't touch either my notebook nor computer throughout this week. Instead, I always lied down lazily with bunch of books during my spare-times. Anyway, after a hard time coaxing myself to update this blog today, I finally here to tell about my outing last week.

We went to Grand Indonesia
Pic of my Mum and Dad, do you realize my Mum's new hair?

The first place I stepped in was, Kinokuniya Bookstore :P

The books, I bought with my CNY money :)

Dad bought Crocs, a pair for each of his girls :)

We also visited Blitz-Megaplex to watch movie

Views of Blitz-Megaplex, which happened to be the biggest cinema in Indonesia

We actually planned to see this movie

Until this baby crying in horror, but still Dad already bought the tickets -_-

So, we Daddy and Mommy met at Marche Swiss Market, hence Chelsea didn't go with us to watch the movie, she was shopping with Mum instead :)

I took a chance to pick Swiss food, I chose Rosti (kind of potato dish)

The movie ended around 6.30 PM, we went to The Coffee Bean after that :)

 My evening beverage before back to home :)

I miss my Daddy so much now, but you all enjoy your weekend! God bless you ^_^

5 komentar:

Small Kucing mengatakan...

sobs...so cool the way you love your daddy

mommy to chumsy mengatakan...

it's great to know how close you are to your daddy :) i like the decor at the mall. So sweet. The pic of your mom and dad is very nice. I like your mom's bag :D

Yvonne mengatakan...

I guess being the eldest girl is always daddy's favourite girl. Avery is the apple of her papa's eye, too.

I like the lovey dovey pic of your parents. More over today is valentine's day. Happy celebrating it!

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

You are blessed. To in order to be grateful to him, be good in your study and be good as a person. Don't do things that will sadden him. This is the best way to be filial to your father.

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Aww...what an emotional post. I'm glad you realized how important family is.

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