Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Our Last Outing Before CNY

Our last outing before CNY was on Taman Anggrek Mal (TAM). My Mum happened to search for our CNY outfits there because many outfits were on sale.

Had a luncheon first at Padang Restaurant

Whereas me, I walked alone by myself. I was hunting a pressie for Ilona (her birthday was last week) and visited Gramedia Bookstore to buy some novels. Oh, I also went to Honeymoon Dessert (note, I've been craving for glutinous rice with vanilla sauce throughout a month).

I gave this (plus a pencil-case) for Ilona :)

I bought Minx by Julia Quinn and Prince Charming by Julie Garwood, I finished Minx 2 days ago

Heaven X)~


My drawings update:

Yep, I drew so many stuffs these days :)


Lastly, since today is CNY, I want to say Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate! Gong Xi Fa Cai, wish you many lucks for this Rabbit Year :) I didn't take many photos today, I was focusing my eyes on Angbao :P

I'm so happy as I received many $$$ today ;P

7 komentar:

mommy to chumsy mengatakan...

Love your sketches :) Hope you had a great celebration with your loved ones :)

Yvonne mengatakan...

Happy Chinese New Year, Angie! May the year of rabbit brings you and your family much joy, wealth, health and prosperity.

Sheoh Yan mengatakan...

Did you get any CNY outfits for yourself?

Small Kucing mengatakan...

How is the Julia Quinn book? i have not read any of her books yet

Happy Chinese New Year to you

Alice Law mengatakan...

Wow at your portraits, it has really improved a lot, excellent job!

Wishing you a prosperous and joyful Rabbit New Year too!

Angie mengatakan...

@Aunty Barb,

Thanks Aunty ^0^ I hope you had a good celebration too ya ;D

@Aunty Yvonne,

Thank you Aunty Yvonne, wish you the same too for this year ;)

@Aunty Yan,

Yeah, my Mum bought for me ;D I didn't mind for outfit stuffs as usual :)


Julia Quiin books are great, mostly, but I love Lisa Kleypas more. I wonder if you like historical romance than you'll find their names are quite familiar :)

Aunty Alice,

Aw thank you so much Aunty ;D Wish you the same too ^^

Mummy Gwen mengatakan...

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Angie! Good to hear you collected $$$ angpow money. :)

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